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Thread: licence fees

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    Marcel Flateau 2 Guest


    have you all heard the latest.
    I am not very happy as i have been on disability on the lowest rate for a long time and was glad to find out i could still afford to go fishing as i was entitled to a concesional licence.
    So for the last few years i have been able to continue to fish on a low income and be legal.
    This year however, i was shocked when i went to get my licence i was refused it at the old rate and told unless i was on the high rate of disability i had to pay full price. As i have already said i'm on a low income and its hard enough having to pay for day tickets at between 5-10 but this new law will mean more people will fish illegaly causing more unnecesary work for the N.R.A and waste our fees can we not do anything about this please help

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    Mar 2006


    Whilst I sympathise mate, could you not by Angling Club books for about 30 for a year? Then you would not have to pay 5 to 10 in day tickets each time you go!

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    Nov 2005


    how many day tickets do you buy a year?
    how much do you spend on baits?
    yet 23 on licence will be a hardship miss two trips licence paid for

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    Cakey Guest


    you would still have to pay 11.50p if you was on the higher level so its only one day ticket extra

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    madpiker Guest


    i`m a reg disabled angler,this year,when i bought my rod licence, i had to show my blue disabled parking badge,this is the criteria to qualify for the concession.anyone who is disabled,whether they drive or not,can get a blue badge,if you don`t drive,you apply for a badge to be used by the person who drives you about .for the first year that i was unable to work due to the disease that i suffer from,the benefits that i was getting did not qualify me for a concession licence and i bought one at full malc and chef say,stop giving the commercials so much money and buy a club ticket,all clubs should have disabled facilities(platforms etc)by now and are much much cheaper than buying day tickets.

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    Frank "Chubber" Curtis Guest


    I never buy day tickets but have bought season tickets on waters I fish regularly. A 60 annual ticket with one of our local associations gives me access to 7 different fisheries including a 3/4 mile stretch of the Wensum.
    Marcel, if you can afford to pay 5-10 for each fishing trip plus bait, transport etc. then I can't see how an extra 11.50 for your annual rod licence is a problem.

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    I think it is an absolute farce that you have to buy a licence to fish on commercial waters in the first place!

    Commercial fisheries don't benefit from the money (as far as i am aware), they charge day tickets etc for their income. yet we have to give the government even more money so we can enjoy a "HOBBY".

    I feel the same about stretches of river that charge you to fish them. You pay for the privilage of a day ticket, which goes towards the upkeep of the area. And supprise supprise - a Licence to enjoy your "HOBBY"

    Canals are free to fish, so fair enough, you would think that the licence fee is going towards cleaning them up - WRONG. When was the last time you saw a canal being dredged and cleaned out. how many of us have been snagged on an old bike or shopping trolly?

    It's like car tax - the cost keeps going up, yet what is being done with the money is going down. I for one am fed up of throwing money away.

    Oh, and how many of you have EVER seen an agency bailif and been asked for your licence? i havn't for one and pretty much everyone i fish with has never seen one either. So the extra 11.50 -is it for more bailifs that are never seen?

    So, Marcel, i am with you, it is not on! And those that think "It's only an extra 11.50 per year" Ask yourself, "should we pay even more money to enjoy our hobby"? - i don't think so.

    Thats my rant :-)

    oooo oooo i just thought of something that the money from licences pays for - that poxy magazine that gets sent out telling us of the one area they did clean up that year....

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    So Darren, if a Commercial Fishery has a problem, who do they call?

    The Environment Agency, thats who!

    Who funds the Environment Agency? We do by purchasing our licenses!

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    and what do commercial fisheries do with all that money they collect in day tickets? spend it on beer and then get hand-outs from the EA?

    As with all government agencies, they offer very little - or no help - to those that have an income of their own. They offer very little to commercial fisheries.

    My point is how many people should we have to pay to participate in a hobby.

    And that whole "2 rod limit" what a pile of piffle. there is just no need for it.

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    Okay - whatever mate!

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