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    andy swindell Guest


    I am going on holiday to the Isle of Wight in September, and am intending to fish (course) while there. The tourist information leaflet says that I must disinfect my tackle before I go, anybody got any ideas as to what to use?

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    Steve Muir Guest


    I think they mean your landing net and keepnet if you use one.
    They are probably trying to stop the introduction of fish disease which some fishery
    owners believe can be spread from one water to another by dirty nets.
    I suppose it's possible but i'm not clever enough to comment.
    I wash my landing net in a very very mild solution of jays fluid and hot water which also
    stops it smelling but be carefull as you only need a small amount

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    Carp Angler Guest


    The only way to truly kill off any bacterial infection is to totally dry out your net and then pass it under a UV light.
    I always dry my nets but I don't do the light thing.
    Anyone that tells you that certain dips kill all organisms must be using a form of acid.
    A marine biologist may be able to give a more scientific explanation.
    I could fluff it up with big words and references to obscure scientific journals but dry your net and you'll be safe.

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    Steve Muir Guest


    Carp angler
    I was not saying that certain dips kill all organisms.
    I was stating what i do as it may keep the tourist board happy and it's better than nothing
    Simply drying the net will not please the tourist board or fishery owner.
    Regards Steve

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Calm down Steve, I wasn't having a go at you.
    My point is aimed at fisheries who mistakenly believe that having a rain diluted dip onsite will stop the spread of disease.
    As I said, the only way to kill water borne diseases, is to take away the water.

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    Steve Muir Guest


    i agree with what you say.
    Regards steve

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