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Thread: canal fishing

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    nick bennett Guest


    I am a thirteen year old fisherman, and quite new to the sport with it. I was wondering if there was anyone who fishes the canals of britain from a narrowboat, and wanted to pass on some expert advice to an inexperienced angler via email.
    Email me if you are interested

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    Nick, I've never actually fished from a narrowboat but I do know that regular canal anglers, and especially match anglers, fish right by moored narrowboats. Apparently, they are used as cover by the fish and shoal underneath them. Although I would make sure you fish by those that have been moored for some time and are lying quietly, rather than by a recently moored and/or noisy one.

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    nick bennett Guest


    Thankyou for your advice, Graham. I recently began to fish near boats at our marina, with some success. However, from my experience, winding holes and lock pounds hold better fish of more varied species.

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    Tom Butler Guest


    hi my name is tom. ihave fished off of narrowboats for about 2 years now and i find that if you plum up about 3ft in front of you you find that it sometimes starts of very fast. while you are fishing there its also good to bait about 1ft out infront of the bow and then go fishing there for a bit. good luck tom

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    nick bennett Guest


    Thanks for that tom.

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