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Thread: Specialist Rod

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    stephen bundy Guest


    does any have any views on agood specialist rod in the 13/4 lbs test curve.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    For the price you can't beat the Fox range which features rods from 1 to 13/4 lbs TC. They come with two tops, one a built in quiver and really nice cork handles with down locking Fuji Fitting. Thank goodness rod designers are getting back to cork handles. There is truly nothing that looks and feels so terrible as an abbreviated rubber handle!!

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    Ron, they also do an Avon quiver at 12 feet and 0.75lb test curve. This looks a belter for stillwater and small rivers if you are not after barbel. It also has 3 push ins rated at 1-1.5 and 2oz which sounds ideal. Fuji's through and as you say, fuji seat with a full cork handle. RRP @114 BUT HAVE SEEN MAIL ORDER ETC FOR AROUND 90

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