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Thread: future angling

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    paul clarke Guest


    i've just read the article in AT concerning the "ready mixed" groundbait in a tin and it got me wondering as to what other "labour + time" saving devices manafacturers will come up with i.e maybe reels that have a run system where after a 5 second run the reel starts to wind in the fish itself , or maybe a hook with a fish detector attached , letting you know minutes in advance that a fish is approaching your bait.i think the ultimate invention would be the new "FISH IN A CAN" could put an end to blanking sessions . ..." JUST ADD WATER FOR THE FISH OF YOUR CHOICE"..... "CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE , HAVE A 10lb BARBEL DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR !!!!"
    ...... anyone else have any ideas for the ultimate new fad ??????
    yours , tongue firmly in cheek , Paul

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    What about "Instafish"..a complete de-hydrated lake complete with the packet, add water...and away u go!

    or..."Homeing maggots"..they swim about looking for fish...then..once spotted..ther home in on the fishes mouth!

    or maybe, "Boillies",,the instant bait....contains all the food a fish needs, along with palatants, attrators etc!!

    ok, ok..i know i went to far with the boillie idea...that would never happen...but the others...hmmm..maybe..just maybe!

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    Kevan Farmer Guest


    Paul. The idea of a reel that starts to retrieve after 5 seconds of a run starting may be tongue in cheek, but. It would actually be a very good invention for some disabled anglers. There is a device that automatically strikes and also a motorised reel. Both of these are aimed primarily at disabled anglers and are available in the US. I've seen a video of the reel in action and it's quite good.


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