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    Has anyone heard of worms that have had their color changed? I bought some worm dye from this site, and I was able to create blue and green worms. THEY WERE INCREDIBLE! You have to get some.

    If you get some dye, e-mail me, I'll tell you how I used the product (it's a little different than their directions).

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    Kevan Farmer Guest


    I remeber green maggot dye being available in the mid seventies. Interesting stuff, more novelty value than anything else. I never got a single bite on the things even fishing my local canal where the gudgeon were suicidal. Would green - or chartreuse as the website calls them - do any better?

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Kevan, I used to catch Chub on the Lea on green maggots...also the roach liked them too/

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    The Seeker of Truth & Justice Guest


    I think green is the worst colour you can use for fishing baits, unless you want them camoflaged with green weed. The oppsite of red which is the best colour.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Several people were on about using dyed deadbaitsd a few years back.

    Never worked for me, the dye stayed on your hands for days and the kids got hold of it and sprayed the dog, so we had a fire orange Jack Russell for a fortnight.

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    Ron Clay Guest



    Green or chartreuse is one of the best colours for Large Mouth Bass and at times rainbow trout. I am talking about artificials of course. But I don't think it matters.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Ron..hear hear...!! Green has worked well for me too. I also have green boillies that blend in great on the bottom. They dont spoke the carp or tench and i catch on them without trouble.

    Red is a good colour..unless the fish are spooky..then I revert to brown, black or green. I

    Chris..i used Red and Yellow sprats to great effect...but the best colour EVER was some stuff I bought that made the baits fluorece. To look at the baits were a greeny/yellow, but when they hit the water they almost glowed. It left a glowing trail fom the bait as well. Brilient stuff..but I cant get it anymore. Oh,,blue works well when fished in DEEP water...below 30 feet...

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