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    Fond memories and some funny stories, but above all a great angler to remember.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    a marvellous tribute to Ray.

    Please get that book on Ray finished soon Barrie.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    All the debates about feeding spells, weather patterns, hotspots etc - this was the man who first thought of 'em.

    We can only wonder what else he would have contributed if illness hadn't driven him off the bank in the 70s.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    When I first met Ray in 1962, the first thing that struck me was his high intellect. He could talk with authority on subjects ranging from philosophy to classical music. He also had an incredible memory.

    If Ray had not been ill in later life he might eventually have been regarded as a genius.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I have been contacting several people who knew and fished with Ray, including Steve Crawshaw and John Neville. I have asked them to send in tributes to Ray at Angling Star. The October issue will be well worth getting.

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    Arthur Russell Guest


    I was saddened by the death of Ray Webb.He was one of anglings true characters,his eccentricity fine tuned by a life of some self neglect, exacerbated by the Irish sojourns he so loved. He was, above all, a real dirt under the fingernails angler, who simply loved to fish, no challenge was too great, or effort too much.
    He loved the vastness of the Irish waters, and it was there I met him, year after year, not a close friend, but part of the fabric of the scene that was Ireland in the late sixties and seventies.
    Lanesborough he helped to put on the map, long before it was fashionable, and it was
    there I watched him cooking his meal one evening, on the wooden floor of his jerry built boat,'Tinca', until, inevitably, it caught fire...... His caravan went the same way, at least once, sometime later.
    His tackle was rustic, his patience infinite.Weather was irrelevant, he simply fished, mostly alone, with a depth of understanding and feeling for the water that few anglers can ever hope to attain.Hw was the very antithesis of todays cultish
    anglers. God bless him.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    I have just returned from a few days in Fenland. Myself, Chris Bishop and John Weston spent a day on the Ten Mile Bank stretch of the Great Ouse.

    This was one of the last waters I ever visited in company with Ray Webb. Just looking at that river made the memories come flooding back.

    Chris heated up a can of baked beans on his gas cooker.

    Through half closed eyes I could see Webby pumping away at his ancient primus and commenting that the fishing was a bit "Desperate Lad desperate"

    Never to be forgotten are the memories of Ray Webb.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Great to see you again - I was a year old the last time you fished that bit of the Gurt Ooze.

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