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    David Will Guest


    Whilst browsing in my local tackle shop I was struck that the packaging on most things is way over the top.The waste is appalling and most of it is plastic or poly bags.I am sure it is easier for the tackle shop owner but what if any efforts to the tackle trade do to encourage a) recycling and b) less litter on the banks? The problem seems particularily bad with Carp gear.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Drennan Continental Boilie Hooks are terribly over packed. Darned good hook though.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    My local tackle dealer complains of same Dave. Designer tackle firms try to sell complete displays of the stuff and elbow everyone else out.

    Oh for the days when you'd go down there and buy half a dozen trebles, swivels etc and the shop would put them all in a brown paper bag.

    The only thing you had to remember was not to slip it in your back pocket, or you'd staple your rear end to the bus seat on the way home.

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    Stuart Bullard Guest


    My Dad was in the packaging industry. He used to design many of the packaging ideas he sold. I remember him telling me that the cost of packaging in many products actually exceeds the cost of the product itself!! Mind you, not as bad as direct mail. I am keeping everything I get sent and I'm then going to write to the Government about it.You should see the pile.....

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Packaging sells..simple as that. The bigger, brighter the packet, the more likely you and I are going to pick it up. Working in the design business, I know how much it costs for a designer to put this stuff together. Some of the bigger firms are paying around 800 a day to have there ideas designed. On top of that there are printing costs etc. No wonder stuff is so expensive.
    My latest moan is the price of pike/marker floats. I saw one the other day...5.99. I could not believe it!!!....for a bloody stick of balsa with a dart flight stuck in the end!!

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