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    This year has been mild, low pressure with a couple of wet days per week. There has been a lovely warm SW wind blowing for weeks.

    Has it been the best Autumn ever for fishing? Perfect for the rivers and perfect for the carp. Hell, the carp and barbel records both went last week.

    Can anyone remember better?

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    EC Guest


    My birthday was in mid Oct, as a kid we always had at least 1 frost on or around that time, I would feel happy if we had already had a frost or 2 then a mild spell afterwards!

    Its all 1 big mild spell these days!

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    madpiker Guest


    i`d prefer it if the wind dropped and the nights got colder.
    the constant strong winds are stopping me from boat fishing at sea and the warm weather is doing the pike fishing no favours either

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    It has been unbelievably warm around here (the grim North West) during the last few days even when the wind has been howling and the rain has been hissing down. As a miserable old git I keep wondering if we are going to have to pay for this when winter does finally arrive!

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