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    Garry Beesley Guest


    The bail arm mechanism on my Daiwa Regal X has just broken (could be repaired I guess - anyone know a good contact?) I have decided that I need a pair of free spool reels (too lazy to watch the rod tip!!) and 2 new rods. I generally do Bream and Tench fishing but usually use light weight carp rods for this. I don't want to spend a fortune but want value for money - all suggestions gratefully received!! I have looked at Okuma and also WMAC have deals on lots of "cheaper" reels but not sure of the quality.

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    Just recently bought a small Tica Sportera 3507 (about the same as a Shimano 5000) and it is a delight to use. Sold by Maver here.

    Looks very much like the Shimano too. Look on Ebay for some bargains. Two almost new ones sold for just 20 each and 6 postage over the weekend.

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    Garry Beesley Guest



    Thanks for the advice - I will have a look around and see what prices I can find. I have been looking at the smaller Shimano baitrunners but the cheapest I can find in 50 for the 5000 on WMAC.


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    madpiker Guest


    the okuma interceptor reels are available in several sizes,the smallest is suitable for tench etc.they have a 5 year guarantee and seem to be strong and reliable.i have used on in the bigger size for piking(including trout water boat piking)and found that they are up to the task.

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    Garry Beesley Guest



    The interceptors have been reccomended elsewhere as reliable and very affordable - thanks for the advice - I shall go and look at prices for a pair.

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