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Thread: George Best

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    john ledger Guest


    So sad to see the photograph of George in the newspaper and i just hope he can dig in and pull through.
    Hear people saying he brought it on himself and should never have been given a transplant but people like George,Alex Higgins Maradona etc each a genius have flaws.
    Reckon George has lived three lives in one and i can remember that hot October day in the seventies when my team Sheffield United where top of the league with players like Currie and Woodward in the side.
    30000 supporters left sheffield that day and Geoge scored that goal that was shown on Match of the Day over and over again.
    I cursed him that day cursed him for being a Genius.
    Best player we ever produced

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    We didn't produce him --the Irish did ....

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    Big Swordsy :O) Guest


    He will not make it


    But it will come to us all.

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    At least he's enjoyed himself and lived the life he wanted to live.

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    Paul mallinson says At least he enjoyed himself. Paul, I think it is a popular misconception that chronic alchoholics enjoy what they do when the truth is they simply cannot helpl themselves hence the condition they end up in. Theres no denying thier plight is self-induced but we must accept it is a severe addiction that knows no boundaries and affects rich, poor, clever, illiterate and all manner of people so we must not be too hasty in our judgement of what appears to be a lost cause. I am old enough too remember seeing him play in his prime and a better player i have never seen.

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    john ledger Guest


    True Mike even his mother died an alchoholic and its worst than being on drugs ,you remain one for the rest of your life.I knew he had lost 4st but was still shocked to see the photo.Apparently George wanted it shown.Even though its looking bleak for him i sincerely hope he recovers as we will not see the likes of him again.
    I have seen all the greats including Pele Sir Stanley Tom Finney but i reckon George is the best of the lot

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    nicholas bray Guest


    alcohol is a drug

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    john ledger Guest


    Well cigs are a drug but nobody see either drink or fags as drugs because they are legal

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    nicholas bray Guest


    yes john i agree with you this is the point i was making

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    I read not long that the amount of tax money that the government would lose by banning cigarettes would be compensated within a couple of years by the savings in costs of treatment for chest and heart problems brought on by cigs and booze.

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