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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    A a person who sells top quality products I have to fight all sorts of **** that is put out to the average Joe Soap in the street.

    What gets me is the bullshit in a lot of literature that is not backed up by tests done by independent organisations and claims that can't ever be true.

    It's so frustrating.

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    Les Clark Guest


    I new a bloke who had one of these 1 man rapid erection bivies ,but he was a bit of a ******.

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    Welcome to 'consultancy-land' my friend


    Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

    Patrick F. McManus

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    It's frustrating, but so are the people who spend the money without checking things out properly.

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    Ron, I agree.
    As someone who does safety testing of chemicals, it is worrying when the latest scare story perpetuated by somebody (often uninformed) is promoted by our countries wonderful Press.
    We then have to defend a product against the mass hysteria that then ensues. Who do the public listen to, the industry's Chartered and Registered scientists or some nomark who has read something on the internet and is shouting loudly about cover-ups and vested interests?

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    Love it Kevin, you certainly brought a smile to my wrinkly old face anyway. All very true as well and the cleavage one must be looking for a new niche in the angling world I should think, I'd buy it anyway, whatever it is! I like to keep abreast of modern gear.

    Politicians, like diapers, have to be changed frequently - and for the very same reason

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    thats them ultimate suits i keep bangin on about graham

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    The truth of the matter these days is that for the bigger percentage of purchases you are likely to make, you get what you pay for.

    I always view with great suspicion something that is cheap. take for example shoes.

    A few years ago for business purposes I purchased three pairs of shoes that cost me only 18.00 each. I alternated the wearing of these shoes and even then within a year, the uppers had become detached from the soles in EVERY case!

    I was totally ****** of of course and about two years ago decided to buy shoes again.

    I bought Grensons which are made in England - Northampton to be exact.

    These shoes cost me over 100 a pair. Today these shoes when polished look as good as the day they were purchased and are good for another few years.

    So what is the cheapest?

    A friend of mine has a 1989 registered Mercedes Benz Diesel. It has done 600,000 miles. Other than normal servicing and fuel, this car has cost him nowt.

    He wants to keep it another 16 years.

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    BLAM Guest


    What does the barbel society handling code have to say about that cleavage?

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    It's got to do with the Barbel Playing Code for women.

    Section 8, Clause 4 says that any woman playing a large barbel has to demonstrate a degree of modesty when their pectoral muscles are severly challenge by the power of a big barbel. Special BS bras are available in real tree camo to prevent anything from boiling over.


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