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    We have eight Anglerís Line Cutters to give away. All you have to do is tell us why you think you need one. The best eight answers (in the editor's opinion, anyway) will get you one free! Closing date is Friday, 21st September.

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    to cut my line.

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    Malcolm Bason Guest


    Cos me teef ain't wot thay used ta be!!!!

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    Carp Angler Guest


    If it's the braid ones then yes please, my poor bloody fingers are getting cut to shreds.

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    Richard Drayson Guest


    Crikey! Just the thing for my brothers Xmas present. I`ll go all season without losing any tackle but when my brother joins me on the bank, he always loses some gear. I wouldn`t mind but it`s my gear that he loses.

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    Paul Baxter Guest


    To cut the nuts of a few of those PETA prats as before long we will not be able to buy any meat balls or any other meat products if they have there way!

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    David OLoughlin Guest


    The missus has 'a hair on her dickiedido that hangs down to her knee' - (but at least it's not the one with the bit of ***** on).

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    David Will Guest


    There was a young lad from Brum
    and when he bent down
    a loose bit of thread
    Cut him right up the cheeks of his b**.

    Now had he a line cutter...or

    I have a new pair of wellies.
    I cannot walk very fast as the string holding them together is too short.
    If I had a line cutter I could replace it with a longer bit.

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    John Tait Guest


    I never get snagged-up Graham, so I don't need one. Thankyou very much.


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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    If you don't send me one, I'll tell everyone where you keep your wallet....

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