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Thread: River levels..

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    EC Guest


    I thought it might be a good idea to start a 'river level' thread as a point of reference for those of us who have to travel a reasonable distance in order to visit running water!

    If you live local to a river, or have just visited a river, please keep the rest of us informed by stating what the level is like!

    No catch reports, just plain old levels and colour and anything else you feel appropriate.

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    EC Guest


    Starter for 10, River Dane 5pm, Sat 3rd Dec 2005, well up, rising, and coloured!

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    tom riordan Guest


    I get my Trent information from here. 5 northern rivers

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    Dec 2002
    Azide the Stour


    Last week Dorset Stour 6" below winter level, clear. 9am this morning 6'6" up above winter level, still rising (9ft closes the road), very coloured, 3 fields wide (Julians Bridge, Wimborne); tomorrow's xmas match is on the lakes!

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    Tom. Ive looked at your 5 northern rivers posting but being a computer idiot i cant seem to find how to log on to that site direct.Please help and excuse my ignorance thaks mick.

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    tom riordan Guest


    Micheal, sorry I should have said a bit more about the site. Click on the link and scroll down to the pictures of the rivers (Trent,swale,nidd,ure and wharfe) click on the river you are interested in and you should be ok. If you click on to "go back to my fishing page" you will then go to mikes front page (he is Barbule from BFW) and you can read his fishing diarys which are an interesting read.

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    EC Guest


    This one is also worth a look for flood warnings. EA Flood warning site.

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    Thanks Tom will do from mick

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    Thames was a good 2 foot up and 3" visibility.

    It's falling though, and that's promising.

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    Keith Orange Guest


    I've had a look at the 5 Northern Rivers site mentioned above, as I was interested in the Wharfe readings. Today is Sunday evening, but the site only shows readings up to last Friday morning.

    Since the Wharfe can rise from summer level to a raging flood in a few hours, the site is not that helpful if readings are always 2 days old.

    I think I'd rather spend 80pence and phone the EA river line.

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