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    BLAM Guest


    Our rod licence fees go to buying silver fish and not carp!?!? It's a national disgrace.

    Seriously, though, is this the Jubilee relief channel near Slough? If so it's come on a bit as I remember it back in the late 90s as a long muddy trough only. It's come on since then obviously.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    It's time that our rod licence fees went into burning and burying carp.

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    Same one Brad.

    There are carp in there. A chap who was the landscape consultant on it came to have a look at us and he goes carp fishing in adjacent Taplow Lake. He says he's seen carp around the rush islands in the channel.

    Well, it was going to be a good fishery. )

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    I would imagine all it needs is a proper flood (ha ha) and the Jubilee will recieve a major stocking from the river. It looks like it will be bream/ carp paradise in there.

    The Jubilee will have everything in it that the Thames does, including carp, I dont see why that will affect it in any detrimental way?

    Perhaps someone could explain otherwise?

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    Deecy Guest


    EA nettings rarely capture much more than glimpse of the potential or lack of it.I firmly believe the Jubilee is set to become one of the souths premier fisheries.Having walked long lengths of it I can assure people it is already supporting some fantastic fish.Like Guy say's if we ever get a decent drop of rain and the channel actually does what it was designed for it will improve naturally.
    On the other hand the main river is I think suffering because of it.It was built to stop expensive legal actions for the flooding of riverside homes.What now occurs is very short lived periods of fast current following rain quickly returning to slow clear conditions.The river never seems to hold its colour like it once did.

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    "It's time that our rod licence fees went into burning and burying carp".

    What a KNOB!

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