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Thread: stunning floats

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    Default stunning floats

    Hope this works! as promised, here are some of my recantly made crow quill avons made from blue polystyrene, others from balsa- they all take pretty much the same shotting of around 4 number fours. I made them up for the Trent. Hope you like them, no machinery used, all by hand.

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    Hell!-- that was supposed to be on the stunning floats thread, sorry guys, messed that up. A thousand apologies . Dont seem to be able to get the hang of this photobucket thing- If anyone would care to pm me I will give my phone number- call you and perhaps at a convenient time you could talk me thro it.

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    Choose the photo in photobucket under neath there are three sets of letters
    choose the fourth one down, IMG CODE
    it should start with IMG run cursor along til img appears at end click copy,
    open FM go the post you want to reply to ,and click on it should come up paste click it ,go to review see if it works lol

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