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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    Have a look at that photo which the Fishing magic Team has put up on the Home Page, wishing us a Happy Christmas. (It also makes good wallpaper on your computer.)

    If you were fishing in this spot where on that photo would you cast to?

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    tom riordan Guest


    Right hand bank tree 1metre out 1/2 metre in front of crease, running ledger 3/4oz lead should hold bottom, hookbait 20mm cube of luncheon meat hair riggrd tight to a size 12 drennan super specialist, bait and wait, no free offerings. Target 5lb+ chub.

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    Phil Hackett HC/PCPL with Pride Guest


    To the left in the field with 10 ft on Baz :0)

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    What way's it flowing, assume towards..?

    If so one in the next swim in the margins, couple of ounces of lead, egg float, big dead.

    One off towards the far side, might need a bit more lead, different bait, rod up high.

    If this failed to produce within half an hour, I'd probably p*ss off as the river looks sh*te for pike.

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    May 2003
    Barnet, S.Herts/N. London


    I'm so glad somebody else asked that, Chris! I think it's an upstream view, as well, but I cant put my finger on why.
    Worm on float-leger in the near-bank bay, while tackling up rest of kit. Assume tree is too sexy and will have been hammered, but the smooth water upstream of it looks good for roach, and the far bank looks chubby. Feed a bit of bread, then go over with a long rod and avon as soon as I've realised that a bay with a matching twin on the othe bank is probably a cattle-crossing and I'm fishing ten inches of water. Not much good at this, am I. Nice Pub weather, though.Drown sorrows.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    Oi Chris, your'e in me swim mate.
    Assuming the river is flowing towards us, I would fish the middle crease just opposite where the far bank bends to the right with a piece of flake or maggots. I've got to pull a chub out of there.

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    Just a quick 'un before I go, here's some info about the picture:

    The river is the Dove, the flow is going away from you, the water is only 2ft deep under the tree on the far bank. The bay on the near bank is about 5ft deep and the water is quite slack. The glides in mid-river are 3 to 4ft deep.

    In this stretch there are very few barbel, the main species are chub, perch, dace, grayling and pike.

    Hope you're all having a great Christmas!

    Right, back to the hangover cure.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    In that case I would fish mid river just before and after the deeper bay.

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    Bob Watson Guest


    The delve on the left bank would be my first choice, especially if it was carrying a bit of extra water.

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    Apr 2003
    Lydney, in the Forest of Dean


    It screams out for a float and even more so now Graham has given the depths. A float beats a static bait in the sort of conditions that are prevailing there, well in my book they do anyway. Search the swims and find the fish you just can't beat it.

    Whoops! 'ang on I've got a bite!

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