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    does anyone know anything about a stretch of the nene LHS of A47 coming from peterborough to the A1 junction, there is a layby to park in and the sign says tickets from sacrwell farm and country centre but not open when i went there. further along there is some temporary steel fencing put up. i spotted this today and fancied it as my first go at trotting

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    surely someone knows, it is the nearest bit of big river to me, nobody at the farm knows whats in there and nobody is fishing it, i am hot to trot

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    mark williams 4 Guest


    I've a general rule with spots like that (it's about two miles from where I live, by the way). If I can't find out how to get a ticket, or can't get one, I fish, and explain it to the bailiff, in the unlikely event of one turning up.

    The worse that can happen is that you get kicked off, but usually you can broker a deal with the bailiff if you've done your best to stick to the rules.

    That bit of the Nene isn't bad for trotting, but there are better bits much further upstream. The Kettering DAA bit at Thorpe Waterville's really nice; the river splits into two, one a streamy, shallow gravelly bit, the other slower-flowing and much deeper. There's a nice weir pool at the head of this stretch.

    The Castor backwater's nice trotting territory - just drive through the bvillage (from Peterborough direction) then as you reach the last few buildings, turn left down station road, park at the end, and the backwater's right in front of you.

    Finally, Alwalton is another reasonable trotting bit. Drive into the village, park at the village hall on the right, and then walk down the hill to the river. There's a tiny lane opposte the car park, too, which gives you some nice parrot-cage swims; great for roach on the seed/maggot. Some chub.

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    exellent info mark4, i appriciate it, cheers.

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    A guy always used to come round for day tickets on that bit, didnt think it belonged to sacrewell, it was another farm.
    plenty of roach and perch, same as stibbington, you wont see any reports about it because its not pdaa water.

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    yoggy Guest


    Stu,also try the stretch at Elton beside the mill,leaving p`boro take A605, after about 3mile take the right hand turning into Elton,drive in to the village,park beside the 5bar gate and walk to the old mill [about a 3minute walk].This stretch belongs to the Elton estate and is free fishing!!!!!! approx 200 yards both sides of the lock gates after that its Leicester AA [NO DAY TICKETS].There is a good head of Roach in these stretches,also some good Chub,and occasional Barbel!!

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    cheers dave and yog, the elton stretch sounds good, i am off work untill 24 of jan so should be able to get plenty in if the snow clears up.
    also wont be so many people about to see me make a balls up of my first time centre pin trotting !!!

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    yoggy Guest


    No worries mate,let me know how you get on..a little tip...for the better Roach fish the right hand side of the lock gates,trotting breadflake.

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    yoggy....we will have to go back there again sometime....perhaps fish the faster water below the lock gates for the chub etc....???
    one other thing matey,is that section in the faster water behind ferry meadows where the minature railway line is any good for trotting??? orton weir is it???
    also,whats the fishing like on the other side of the road bridge there??? i always slow down and have a look whenever i`m passing in me truck.

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    yoggy Guest


    Nick,i`ve sent you a txt mate!!!!!!!!!!

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