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Thread: manor farm

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    anyone fished manor farm - biggleswade. if they need tips or hints let me know.

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    Nah, I've never fished it mate, often thought of trying it though, it would be great if you could give me loads of tips, thanks?

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    Last season I fished throughout the summer. I found that it is very much a surface fishing water. Honing this tactic pays dividends. One day I caught the lake's biggest fish at 29lb 2oz (down on its record weight of 35lb), a 19lb 10oz, a 14lb, a 13lb and a 10lb. This success was put down to using a size 12 hook and 6lb line. Chum mixers are definitely the way to go - hair rigged. As for bottom fishing, early season is more successful. Last year's spawn became a nuisance on the bottom but will not take off of the top. Sweetcorn, maggots, pineapple pop-ups and crab and bloodworm boilies (made on site) are the best baits on the bottom. It is very weedy but a pop-up or neutral bait in a small pva bag of pellets always gets over the weed problem. Do not fish in clear patches as the fish will clear up loose offerings and leave your hookbait as they are very wary. They will however come in very close if there is no noise and a bit of food. The average size is between 13lbs and 16lbs. A good day will produce at least one fish around the 18lb mark. There are a good head of 20's in there - about 30. There are known 30's but some high 20's are pushing towards 30lbs.

    Hope i've been of some help.

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