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Thread: Digital images

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    Could anyone give advice on the best way to submit digital images to magazines.

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    email it them?

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    Make sure that they are at the right resolution (.dpi) that they can print them; I think at least 300 dpi is OK but check first. Make sure the picture is in focus and sort out red eye etc.

    In particular certain compositions seem to work better than others. Magazines don't want pictures with big empty gaps in them; they want something close up ideally. Have a look at the magazine you're aiming for and look at the pictures not only for content but also for layout.
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    The Monk Guest


    jpeg images are ideal if shot on about 6 meg

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Check they want what you've got, maybe e-mail them over some low res versions and if these are ok send high res copies on CD.

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    Thanks for info ,try emailing jpeg images ,camara only 4 meg though.

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    The Monk Guest


    4 meg on CD in TIFF format should be fine mate

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    Cakey Guest


    this is Carp-Talk's specs

    Catch Report Form
    Please use this Catch Report Form when sending reports online. All images need to be emailed seperately as attachments to with your name and capture clearly indicated in the body of the email.

    Images should be 250dpi (ppi) and have a print size of 10cm or be at least 1000pixels wide at 72dpi (ppi). Maximum size for emailed images is 3mb.

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    Cakey Guest



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