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    Just had my daughter home from uni of the xmas and new period, who is a keen fly fisher. But she said, that there is active recruiment of antis at uni.
    But thier main rant is that they not agree with the carp pools stuffed with carp feed on a high protien diet to put as much waite as possible in short period time and the forced feed trout in still waters together with the repeated targeting of named fish week in week out, just for 15 mins of fame in the angling press.
    They have not many quibbles for natural fish and angers fishing for them in rivers and lakes.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA-Life Member) Guest


    Well there are a lot of anglers around who might agree with these views.

    By the way trout and any other fish for that matter cannot be "force-fed".

    Fish are pretty simple animals in that they will eat what's put in front of them. Especially if the water temperature increases the metabolism of the species concerned. If there is a large amount of food, pellets for example, fish will tend to become pre-occupied with eating it.

    But "force-fed", never.

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    madpiker Guest


    i must admit that i don`t like these over stocked carp pools either,to much like intensive poultry farming in my opinion.i suppose that they are popular as no water craft is needed to catch fish.
    on the plus side,it keeps a lot of the numpties off the natural waters.
    same goes for these overstocked small trout ponds that are stocked with artificially big trout.

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