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Thread: Broadband

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    john ledger Guest


    I have been using BT pay as you go and was thinking of changing to a broadband.Do you have to change email address if say you move to another company. Anyone recommend any or not recommend as i am not too clued up.Will it be much hassle to move or is it better to stay with BT who quoted 17 - 99p per month to change

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    Shop around John.

    AVOID AOL, don't go near it!

    Not even a demo disk!

    Broadband is also safer against hackers, so I've been told.

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    I was in a similar position two years ago John. I found that I had to stay with BT to keep the Bt email address that I use.
    I must say I am pleased that I did though as allot of mates use AOL and other providers and they all seem to tare their hair out in desperation for one problem or another that I never seem to experience with BT. In all I reckon I could save a pound or two a month but would have to put up with allot of hassles for the privilege.

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    Stuart Harvey Guest


    good as gold so far for me

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    Check out ADSL Guide

    they have comparisons etc on. Very useful site.

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    All good suggestions. I'm with PlusNet and have been with them for about 4 of the last 6 years. BT were about the best deal last time I set someones pc up for them (a few weeks back).

    As Steve said, avoid AOL like the plague. Avoid Bulldog too. There's loads of hidden cost if you actually want to use the connection.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    I'm in agreement with Jos, I'm changing to BT Broadband myself, as I have had good reports about it.

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    john ledger Guest


    Some one told me about one called Tiscali(might have got the name wrong) and another was called Talk Talk where you get all your phone calls for free but for how long.Tempted to stay with BT only because its the only one i know.
    Like Joskin says i just dont want any hassle as i am useless on a computer anyway and do most things parrot fashion.Having another email address and password would do my head in

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    BLAM Guest


    Pipex have been very good for me for years now. Their available bandwidth is awesome and connectivity to the States (I need this for work) is first class. They leave you to set up a couple of things yourself so if you want an out of the box solution it might not suit but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

    Does the "A" in AOL still stand for what it used to?

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    The Monk Guest


    I went from dial up to AOL Silver Broadband last month and I`m still paying the same price as I did with dial up and I`ve had no problems with it, in fact I`m very impressed with the new speed, dispite the bad press AOL appears to get?

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