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    Here it is, the second in our Caption Competitions. You can win a Cotswold Aquarius Multi-Roamer Bucket worth 29.50.

    Closing date is 30th September 2001.

    Reply to this thread with your entries.

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    David Miller Guest


    "ooh, ooh, ooh, of course I love you darling"

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    barry molson Guest


    here kitty!kitty!

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    Paul Williams Guest


    I know that old sailor said it was good with as skate, but this cat don't wont to know!!!!!!

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    Dean Hill Guest


    every time i pull it out the girls run a mile

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    Kevan Farmer Guest


    Thank god this kitty doesn't curl up on the end of the bed!

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    Wayne Maycock Guest


    let go of your bloody tail

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    Paul Thompson Guest


    Once again, kitty refused to use her litter tray, and was forcibly removed by her owner, in an attempt to get the beast to use the gravel 'pit' in the back yard, in a desperate attempt to avoid the mess left in the flower beds last time.....

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    Paul Baxter Guest


    but my wife just doesn't understant me love

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    Paul Baxter Guest


    come on darling she was just an old school friend honest!

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