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    Default Anyone fishing the last day of the river season?

    I've got the 14th March booked with off work (Lording is a full time job you know) and have planned a final season on the Rother - maggot and cheese paste for chub and pellet wrapped in paste for barbel - also some lobs in case I want to target perch
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    Default season has finished already, I've broken my leg

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    I'm Bl@@dy working

    Mind you, only work three days a week - so perhaps that reaction is a little harsh...... perhaps i will fish monday 14th in the evening........

    There carm restored. I love fishing on the last day of the season........ I treat my wife to a month off before hitting the still waters.

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    Luckily for me the last day fits in with my shift pattern. I'm not sure where yet, depends on the weather/conditions I suppose. I may take a mate guesting on the Severn or have a day on the upper Trent. I'm fortunate to have the options.

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    This year a small group of us will be fishing on Sunday March 13th at a venue on the Hampshire Avon.

    Then it will be 3 months offf for me as I prefer to honour the Close Season.

    Each to their own though . . . . . .

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    will be fishing the last day on the swale or the tees most probably then on the 15th I will be on the clyde flyfishing for the 1st day of the new trout season...its a hard life this fishing one

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    I wouldn't mind getting the day off on the Monday, visit a few spots on the Soar. It would be nice to cap my season off with a nice double figure Barbel, wishful thinking!.

    After the 15th I will still be walking the banks looking for a couple of likely spots to pre bait for the coming season.

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    10th, 11th and 14th all booked off! What's the chances the Trent will be raging with 6 foot plus on? Hoping for chub, but anything welcome. Perch on Erewash canal if there's too much water on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Jacobs View Post
    Then it will be 3 months offf for me as I prefer to honour the Close Season. Each to their own though . . . . . .
    ............................................... Nah! Too early.

    I have fished before right up until midnight on the 14th and listening to the radio. Soon as Big Ben chimes the hour, that's it, pack up and go home.

    Some of our group, well one in particular has suggested we have some sort of final get together, few beers, barby etc. Perhaps I should introduce some of them to my infamous recipe (handed down to me by an industrial estate van burger man, sadly now deceased, killed by his own cooking) for the notorious and deadly Death By Sausage! That'll kill 'em!
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    Default Re: Anyone fishing the last day of the river season?

    What's the last day I can fish on for coarse fish on rivers? I thought it was the 15th of march

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