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    Default Okuma centre pins

    Having just restarted a spot of coarse fishing (prompted by the purchase of a Courtesi Centre pin) and remebering what fun it is to fish with a pin reel, I am now tempted to get another. I've looked at all the usual suspects and whilst the top end reels look great, for the money I'm tempted by the Okuma reels - now the problem is which one. Does anybody have experience (good or bad) with the following:

    Martin Bowler edition

    or would I be better off getting another Courtesi or any other suggestions?



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    All of those are good reels but three of them are essentially the same reel.

    The Aventa is the cheapest but dont be put off...I've heard its very good though I've never used one. I have a Sheffield which is a lovely reel....I honestly can't fault it and the other two are just Sheffield variants.The Kennet is a Sheffield with a line guard and the MB is basically a Sheffield too only far more expensive & with a few extra holes.

    I dont like line guards so of those I would have the bog standard Sheffield...but I'm biased because I have one already.That said I doubt any of the above would disappoint.
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    the O kuma aventa reel does not have any bearings its a true pin as theysay

    i have the okuma sheffield and cant fault it ,it as good as you going to get ,

    the rest i agree with S-Kippy, tho the MB is supposed to be lighter,

    ive not seen one of those.

    My opinion for what its worth i would buy a okuma sheffield rather than the

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    Sheffield gets my vote. Had one (plus a separately purchased, perfectly fitting, spare spool) for nearly five years. Excellent trotting reel. Tough enough, too, for fishing whoppers. Only fault - the ratchet could be better: a bit weak for those wishing to leger with the reel in a fast-ish current (which I don't, only using it for float work).

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    If I had to criticise my Sheffield it would be the ratchet button, you have to turn it instead of push it.......
    Otherwise for the money it's the best of the rest ........

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