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    Default Backpacking Tackle Advice...

    Greetings everyone!

    Hope you are all well.

    I am hoping for some advice. In September I am quitting my job and going travelling for 6+ months. Needless to say I will be fishing along the way.
    I will be fishing in SE Asia: Thailand/Vietnam/Loas/Cambodia.
    The Islands of Indonesia. New Zealand and Australia.

    I have an 8 foot travel spinning rod.

    What I am looking for are recommendations for what should go in my tackle box. The box will be small! Bear in mind I will be carrying my entire life in a 45L pack.

    I am planning on taking 5 or 6 lures/spoons/spinners etc. A couple of floats. Plus some hooks/swivels etc.

    I have a couple of rapala super shad raps which are great, but any other ideas?

    Also anything else I should definitely take. I will be targeting anything that swims near enough to cast to in fresh and salt water.

    Many thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply.


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    Samys, never been to those parts of the world. However I would take a Leatherman multitool. You don't want something cheap that you have carried miles and miles just to find it fails when you need it! Things get thrown and said(shouted). Another thing I would recommend is pack all your gear and walk to the river or sea for a spot of fishing. After a couple of trips you'll know what is more suitable and what can be ditched. You'll probably still end up giving stuff away. Also 45L is not very big, you are really going light so definitely have a practice and see what works.

    Have fun and tight lines.

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    For lures I'd tale spoons
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    lucky spoons

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    As Matt says - 45l is very light.

    Having travelled in those areas I can say take less than you think you need. The one thing I would certainly take is a good knife - swiss army style.
    Certainly tackle is available nearly everywhere in Thailand relatively cheaply. There are even a couple of specialist tackle shops in Bangkok. Decent tools can be bought cheaply and save on hassle at airport check in.
    The hardest things to find over there are decent hooks and swivels. Really it's the small bits that you'll miss.
    Lures are available in most shops but most locals fishing rod and line seem to favour a method ball style of fishing.
    Have a great trip.

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    Sogster is right.
    I spent 3 years travelling India & SE Asia with a telescopic and a guitar in a soft case and little else. The secret is to travel light with empty bags and a full wallet.
    Take hooks, forcepts which include scissors, a spool of wire trace, swivels and a good supply of Owner hooks in various sizes, up to 4/0. A pike float or two is handy (solid ones which can't get crushed) and some heavy shot. Get a bum-bag and put all your tackle in there and you're sorted.
    Lures, try rattle-traps and anything else you can cast a long way. You can often only get to fish limited swims, by boat ramps etc because the banks are not cleared and the jungle takes them over, so you need to cover as much water as possible from the one swim.
    A solid glass rod is heavier but much more durable than hollow carbon when back-packing. A lightweight sea-fishing fixed spool reel will cover every eventuality you are likely to encounter and 12lb line is probably the best compromise in line BS.
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    Thanks very much everyone for all your help!

    I will take all your advice into account.

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