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    Default Distance fishing

    I normally put in quite a few miles with my fishing - but I've noticed the massive rise in fuel costs.

    I earn a very generous salary but I'm starting to restrict my travelling - gone are the days of a 150-200 mile round trip for a days fishing.

    Has anyone else tightened their travelling belt?

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    Its certainly a consideration but this is what I do so its sort of an unavoidable expense. Its more likely that I will restrict the number of times I go [and I dont go as often as I'd like to anyway] or economise on bait/bits. Me and my mate have always shared the driving anyway.

    This is a serious issue for a lot of anglers but personally I will look to economise elsewhere as well as maybe not travelling quite so far quite so often....not that I travel huge distances to go fishing on a regular basis anyway.

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    Fill up with agric diesel.

    Ooops! Websites have eyes and informants!!!

    Mines petrol, BTW!!!

    Yes, I will consider distance to some extent, but a tenner to £15 is about as much as I'd spend anyway - apart from Clattercote. Certainly won't be any very long distance travelling.
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    I used to fly solo down to the fens --230 miles round trip from Sheffield on one or two of the longer runs but these days I will still go but I would be looking for a car share partner.

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    I have become hesitant to travel long distances to fish - but fuel cost isn't a reason.

    I found that putting the effort in and concentrating on some of my local venues produced some (for me) great catches. The extra time spent fishing presented an opportunity to try a few things.

    When I made the 100+ mile round trips the time spent travelling was 'unwelcome' - finishing a session on the Ribble at midnight and then faced with over an hour of travelling home when I was 'Alistair Cooked' was potentially dangerous.


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    Pensions and petrol prices aren't exactly in step; mercifully I've got a couple of still-waters I can cycle to, and I'll have to get started on that soon. But it's knackered my river fishing.

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    It's not just fuel costs that are restricting my travelling, I'm well and truly fed up with sitting in traffic ! It's ok going early in the morning, but on Sunday afternoons / evenings the roads are as busy as a weekday now. One day I'm sure that the whole of the South is going to grind to a halt in one big traffic jam.

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    Myself ,Bro in Law and his mate joined a club just over the border from us in the next county because it always had good waters they have now lost 2 of them due to neglect the other Lakes are too much of a journey now .

    After visiting our local towns club waters which are either within the town or just outside (15 drive ) and fish quite well we hear, all 3 of us have decided to join this year and its cheaper than the other club. So just goes to show unless you walk the waters locally and do a bit of homework its suprising what is on your doorstep....
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