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    Default Float shotting ??


    Is there a chart that expalins how to set up / add weights to a float for waggler fishing, for example what do I need for a 2bb float or a 3aaa float.

    I wish to have a quick guide to use on the side of the bank, so that when I need to change a float I could refer to the guide and fish more or less straight away as opposed to the trail and error of seeing the float in various degrees of under / up in the water, which I am acustomed too.

    Any advise would be most welcome

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    There's a chart for shot equivalents but as far as I know there is no chart for instant waggler.

    I would stick to the experimenting with your guide usually printed on the float.
    It depends a lot on conditions and is probably the most frustrating method of float fishing to get right.

    Best advice , keep experimenting, when you get it right it can be devastating..........
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    Hi Peter

    Thank you for the quick reply, and good advice. Do you know where could I get a copy [online] of the "chart of shot equivalents"

    I agree that it takes a bit of experimenting to get it right, but exciting and devastating.


    Tight Lines

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    Split shot size Weight Shot equivalent
    ~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    3SSG --------- 4.8g -------- 6 x AAA

    2SSG ----------3.2g -------- 4 x AAA

    LG ------------ 3g

    LSG ---------- 2g

    SSG ---------- 1.6g --------- 2 x AAA

    AAA ---------- 0.8g --------- 2 x BB

    AB ---------- 0.6g --------- 2 x No1

    BB ---------- 0.4g --------- 2 x No4

    No1 ---------- 0.3g --------- 3 x No6

    No3 ---------- 0.25g-------- 2 x No6

    No4 ---------- 0.2g -------- 3 x No9

    No5 ---------- 0.15g-------- 2 x No8

    No6 ---------- 0.1g -------- 2 x No10

    No8 ---------- 0.06g ------- 2 x No11

    No9 ---------- 0.05g

    No10 --------- 0.04g -------- 2 x No12

    No11 --------- 0.03g

    No12 --------- 0.02g -------- 2 x No13

    No13 --------- 0.01g

    Note; the weights of different manufacturers non-toxic shot will vary, so it is best to stick to one brand when you find one you are happy with.

    When shotting a waggler it is better to make up about a third or a quarter of the total weight needed with smaller shot, as in this way you can bring those small shot 'down the line' to employ as dropper shot if and when necessary.
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    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

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    That's a very useful chart Peter, Thanks.

    You could always start with a loaded waggler held in place with float stops or the smallest shot in the box.

    To check, use a large pop bottle with the top cut off, filled with water, set up the rig on some old line and adjust until the float is showing at the required level. You will have to allow for the weight of bait, a single maggot won't make much difference but bread flake or a large chunk of meat will.

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    alan whittington Guest


    Olddread,my advice would be this,always err on the heavy side when choosing a waggler for the fishing intended(but not alarmingly so),put majority of that shot loading around the float for casting weight,i.e. say a 2aa float,only put say 2 no.6's bulk(no higher than one third depth up from your hook(approx),plus a couple of no.8's or smaller below,all other shot should be around the float,so if more shot is needed down the line,for whatever reason,float size(shot capacity) needs to be bigger.This is obviously a general guide,as its never quite as simple as that,but a workable one none the less,all the best and enjoy your education in the fine art of floatfishing,i did and still do.

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    Gentlemen - Thank you

    The chart is impressive and just what I wanted -

    The advice will be put into practice this weekend -

    The testing ofd the float in a bottle is ingenius.

    Once again I thank you

    Tight Lines

  8. Default shotting wagglers etc...

    Hi olddread, if you are non too sure about shotting patterns for wagglers and other floats too perhaps,the best way to learn is probably watching some good float anglers and asking them to show you the ropes.However quite a bit of help can be got from a decent book on the subject.I can recommend the following,if you can get a copy( try ebay )
    world class match fishing by kevin ashurst.
    floatfishing rivers by ken giles and dave harrell.
    floatfishing stillwaters and canals by steve webb and steve pierpoint.
    These are match orientated but the principles apply to pleasure fishing too.
    Good luck.

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