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Thread: Bin fishing

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Hand grenades, apparently. Read it in the Telegraph.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Chris, whilst teaching jungle survival in Brunei, we were teaching the art of trapping fish. We showed the Gurkhas how to build fish traps etc out of rattan and twine. This took about 4 hours ...and they duely lowered the traps into the water....we stood around for 10 minutes...watching there little faces glow with expectation....and then detonated a claymore mine that was secreted in the pool. The resulting explosion had them on the seat of there pants....and resulted in several hundred fish for tea!! They cooked us the best fish curry I have ever tasted!

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    Ray Bewick Guest


    Rob - Claymores, explains your fishing prowess!.

    Is it true the Gurkhas have never taken any prisoners?

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    matt --- Guest


    Yes it is true . they are too frightened they may have a claymore in their undies !

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Its a bit of an old wives tale. In the Falklands they took hundreds. It started many, many years agooooo..... (mist swirls round and my voice echos into the distance..) When Britain started to use Gurkhas as part of the British Army (The Indian army has them too) they were paid a very meagre wage (still are). To suppliment this, they were paid a "bounty" for every enemy soldier they killed. The way they used to prove they had killed someone was to cut of the dead mans ear and present it to the sargent major for payment...however, they soon cottoned on to the fact they could get two bounties per body (two ears), it was made that it was only the left ear that would be paid for!!! However, this practice stopped at the end of WW2...and they started to take prisoners instead of ears.

    The officers mess in Brunei has hundreds of dried Japanese ears threaded on silver braid hanging around the

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    Ray Bewick Guest


    Rob wrote - The officers mess in Brunei has hundreds of dried Japanese ears threaded on silver braid hanging around the

    Rob - where they any good as lures or did you just use 'em as bait.
    Oh dear god, i can see the carnage in your house, a bit like the worst bits of Quake, air dried baits eh!.

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    David Granger Guest


    i heard a story (true or untrue) that it was stopped because there was a world shortage
    of jap ears at this time so the shortfall was made up with unsuspecting natives whose
    fight to keep said ears was a lot less than a nip with a 2 foot bayonette

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