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    Okay, let’s start the ball rolling. Don’t just name a tackle shop but tell us why you think they’re the best, or at least worthy of consideration. What have they done for you, or somebody you know, that made them stand out from the crowd where customer service is concerned?

    My vote goes to Pickerings of Burslem, who are always helpful and friendly, and because the people who serve you are anglers and know what they’re talking about. Nothing is too much trouble for them, and if they haven’t got it they’ll get it as soon as they possibly can.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    I hope mail order houses count!

    I think Harris Angling is spot on. Living up here its a real hassle getting stuff delivered. Normally, if i pay for 24 hour delivery, its usually at least 48 hours before it turns up.

    Harris have free delivery, and i have NEVER had a late order. Sue and the lads are helpful and friendly, and if I place my order before lunchtime, it has ALWAYS arrived the next morning. If an item is out of stock (rare, but due to the trade towers thing, they are having trouble getting stuff from the states) its normally with me withing a few days. The longest I have had to wait was 4 days.

    Several times I have called or e mailed them..and I have always been treated well and have come away with an answer. There message board on the site is helpful, and Sue takes the time to personnaly answer many of the questions.

    Well done Harris!

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    Stuart Bullard Guest


    A+I Angling in Orpington Kent. Always helpful. Cannot quite get to mail order prices, but not far off. If you are a regular they always round down. One guy spent an hour showing me how to tie various knots when I first started a few years ago. My only complaint was them giving Graham free carbon bank sticks for testing instead of me!! Have I mentioned that before Graham??!!

    Worst was Penge Angling. Bloody terrible.

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    Gary Knowles Guest


    Trafford Angling Centre get my nomination. The guys in there generally can't do enough for you.

    They have even ordered me free small bits and pieces direct from the manufacturers when items of mine have broke to save me buying new.

    anything I've asked for that they don't have in they have ordered for me - however small the item.

    They also have no problem with ripping items out of their packaging to give you a proper look at what your thinking of buying.

    mind you I do spend a few quid in there !

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    Malcolm Bason Guest


    There are a few I'd like to nominate:-

    (1) J & K Tackle of Bicester - The prices they can sell their rods for is worth it alone.

    (2) Exchange Angling of Nottingham.

    (3) Banks & Burr of Rugby - its amazing how much tackle they stock for the size of the shop - and staffed by anglers who really know what they are doing.

    (4) excellent on-line store.

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    Stephen Barszczak Guest


    I'd like to nominate
    71 Park Road
    West Yorkshire
    BD5 0SG

    Tel. 01274 721042

    Because after a 20 year gap from fishing I went into there shop to find out what tackle was available after my 20 year absense and to what has changed, and he spent 2 hours going over everything that would get me fishing into great detail, and showed me just about every piece of equipment and didn't push me to buy the most expensive items that he had, he pointed out that some items that he had for sale may be cheaper, but they were in every way as good as the most expensive and in some ways better.

    Now I always go there for my tackle, and he is always willing to chat to you and give advise on tackle and where to fish.

    Bfn Ste

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    David OLoughlin Guest


    Newtown Angling Centre, Newtown, Germoe
    Penzance Cornwall TR20 9AE
    Tel: 01736 763721
    Because the past 2 years I was taking a cheap family holiday in Cornwall in March. For those of you that go Sea fishing this time of the year is not exactly good. Despite only buying a couple of bags of sand eels & a few leads I was given a hell of a lot of advice, tips & locations both times, as well as helping me out with a tackle problem.

    Tony's Tackle for going out of his way to sort me out with a rod for £50 despite the ones he had in mind being sold out. (I got a much better rod).

    Dave Docwra for patiently spending time on the phone to answer questions & help out someone who 'don't know a lot'.

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    Could you all please check that the shops you're mentioning are entered in our database of tackle shops, and if they're not, could you enter them? This will make the site all the more richer for the info, and it won't do the shop any harm either.

    Just click on the 'In Your Swim' tab at the top where it should default to 'shops', check if your shop is entered, and then if not, click on 'Add a missing shop'.

    You can do this for clubs and fisheries as well if you want to enter any.

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    Wendy Perry Guest


    I'd like to nominate
    718 Oldham Road Failsworth
    M35 9FD

    Tel. 0161 681 2538
    They have been fantastic with me the old guy in the shop always looks after me and when i wanted a new reel he threw a bag in and always gives me lots of advice and you all know what i'm like the blonde comes out in me sometimes )

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    Neil Jellis Guest


    I'd like to second Graham's vote for Pickerings of Burslem. Aside from the impeccable service and advice, I'd also nominate them for the donations and heavily dicsounted tackle that they have provided for me in my capacity of junior anglers organiser for Congleton Anglers Society.

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