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    Default Casting Weight vs Line Strength

    Good Evening

    Why do some manufacturer's place a casting weight onto their rods instead of a line weight?

    If a spinning rod could cast a recommended weight ot 40g what line would you use on that rod?

    I was thinking about 6lb line max

    Any help would be greatly appreciated?

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    Tricky one.

    I've got a rod in front of me now - casts 100 grams with lines up to 8lbs. Another casts around the same weight, possibly a bit more and with lines up to 12lbs.

    It's possibly a guess by the manufacturer. Judge it yourself.

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    Its made even more confusing if you add braids into the equation.

    I tend to disregard line ratings on alot of rods, it's easy enough to set the drag on the reel before the rod bottoms out. Personally on a lure rod I would use braid and I would go fairly heavy, no point losing expensive lure if you can help it. I've got a 40g baitcasting rod and reel set-up with something like 20kg braid on, the line strength isn't to land the fish and my drag is set no where near 20kg
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    40 gms is a medium sized lure and I suggest you need a stronger line, perhaps 10 to 12lb nylon monofil or 20 lb braid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Pet View Post
    If a spinning rod could cast
    Ooops, didn't pick up on the Spinning bit.

    Yes, 30-40lbs braid, deffo.

    (PS I am Woody also, with my other hat on)
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    Cheers for the replies gents.

    Looks like I'm safe then

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