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    Gawd 'elp us Ray..............made my lower regions wince I can tell fact I feel quite faint....

    My casting a 100yd of new line across the lake with a Roberts Spin Doctor(just to be sure all the twist had gone)only to overcast and end up in bushes on the far bank.I then managed to catch a tree above my head which snagged the line.......the end result was a trip to the other bank to release the 'doctor',cut the line and hand wind the line...sort of 40/50 yds or so..................about an hour in total.........................BUT still not as bad as

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    False casting a fly line near the ticket office at ladybower res in the peak district. The levels were very high that season and it was only a few yards from the main road, anyway the inevitable happened and the unfortunate angler found himself attached to a passing lorry!'elf and safety stepped in a short while later.

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    Placed lure bag 'well out of the way' on arrival in first swim...

    Went for a big cast, caught bag with lure, snapped 3ft off the tip of my spinning rod

    Shortest session ever... doh!
    'I'm a kind of paranoid in reverse: I suspect people of plotting to make me happy...' (J.D. Salinger, 1919-2010)

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