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    Default My So Called Mate B*ggered Up My Swim

    Very true, happened this afternoon. He came cadging some fresh sweetcorn, I was using pellet with micro pellets as loose feed. Had caught a roach and missed two bites (a lot of dead reed floating about and got over my line).
    I was bothered about him cadgng sweetcorn but he asked me if I wanted any of his maggots. "NO I DID NOT". So he says"I'll get them going for you". I says "I don't want any maggots nor any in the swim". So the BARSTEWARD THROWS SOME IN. Swim went completely dead for 2 hours. Good job it wasa nice day. He had a long walk home as I was driving.

    Has this happened to any of you?

    P.S, The guy on the peg next to me also fell in which probably didn't help either.

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    A few years back I was fishing a swim on the Wear where all the flow crossed the river and dropped into a deep hole just below me. It was late afternoon and I had just started getting twitchy taps on maggot/feeder when my very good mate 'Big F' came walking down the opposite bank. Just for 'fun' he started pulling up grass sods and kindly lobbed them into my swim - the sheer bulk of him alone on the skyline would have been enough to put any fish off within 200 yds never mind the grass sods.

    The swim then died completely but after about 20 minutes my tip slammed round resulting in a very nice perch of about 2lb. I had a further 3 perch and two nice chub before heading back home. Thanks mate.
    Strange, I cant recall having another perch since from the Wear ... and very few before.

    The same good mate rolled in laughter on the banks of a small Cumbrian beck after I dropped into a deep hole that had been left after the RNA had been doing some 'improvement' work. He did eventually help get me out (less one wader) AND I took him the 80 or so miles back home

    He had similar fits of laughter when I reached out just a little too far whilst seated on a steep bank of the tidal Tweed. I tipped head first into about 2' of water and 2 of silt, fortunately it was low tide.

    He drove back that day but it took a long time before his car stopped smelling as though he'd given a lift to the swamp monster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john m h View Post
    he started pulling up grass sods and kindly lobbed them into my swim...

    ...after about 20 minutes my tip slammed round resulting in a very nice perch of about 2lb.
    Possibly worms in the earth attached to the grass sods ? Sods slowly broken down by the river flow, releasing their tasty contents over the course of the 20 minutes it took to get Perch to follow the flow of tasty worms to the source ?

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    Would you have someone throwing small boulders into your swim, catapulting maggots at you, stealing your sandwiches and drinks, stomping up and down the mate would'nt either, that's why he stopped coming with me...DOH !!!!!
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    Whilst fishing a small commercial water, I was 2 pegs away from a guy who was sitting in one peg and pole fishing the next one down in the margin. He was building the swim up slowly when a lad of about 17 came and sat in the peg the bloke was fishing even though there were only about 5 people on the water and plenty of free pegs. This lad had fished in about 4 other pegs in 30 minutes and I was keeping my head down because he looked the type to sit and talk with you for 2 hours if you said "hello"

    The lad then proceeded to throw about ½ a tin of sweetcorn in the margin. The bloke with the pole looked at him and said loudly "Well that's that swim F&&ked"
    I don't think the lad had any idea of what he'd done
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