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    Default A Drennan website at last !

    Since no-one seems to have posted this here yet.....

    Drennan International

    It finally happened....great site too..well, what else would you expect?
    The Indifferent Crucian.

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    Default Re: A Drennan website at last !

    Looks great!

    Thanks, Cat

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    Default Re: A Drennan website at last !

    Looks okay to me but runs very slowly on my netbook. Other sites, bbc, aol etc. all run very quickly on the adsl line in my office.

    On my laptop at home it also didn't run all that fast either.

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    Default Re: A Drennan website at last !

    Thanks TIC,

    Looks excellent. Peter, haven't noticed that it was noticeably slow.

    One observation, could something as unexpected as a Drennan website be a sign that the end of the world is nigh?

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    Smile Re: A Drennan website at last !

    About time he came up with a web site. You just wouldn't believe how long I spent trying to find a non existant site once. Doh.
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    Default Re: A Drennan website at last !

    good site only i wish they could move the navigation bar form the vidieos. but in the whole a good site,about time Mr D. thanks

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    Default Re: A Drennan website at last !

    It's time old Pete (about the same age as me) had a website. I've been an avid user of virtually all (except reels) his products for many many years.

    One thing about Drennan products is that they all work and are excellent value for money.

    I first met Pete at an early meeting of the National Association of Specimen Groups in the 60s. He was there with another Pete, a fellow member of the Oxford Specimen Group, a man I knew for many many years - Pete Stone of course.

    ESP is a Drennan company by the way.

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    Default Re: A Drennan website at last !

    Saw the tench fishing vid and until I turned the sound up, thought it was Dave Allen and David Baddiel...

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    Default Re: A Drennan website at last !

    Good news indeed!

    Save me asking questions about the latest products on can only hope it will be kept up to date..

    It must improve sales indirectly so why did it take so long and why did it take IC to break the news?

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