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    Rod Goldsmith Guest


    Hello boys and girls, ive been lurking for a while but have not actually posted untill now. If you hear a loud pop it's just my cherry. Who said fishermen/women weren't bright enough to work a computer! I am an aptly named Rod and live in the Byfleet, Surrey area and my dilema is this - A mate of mine has kindly asked me to go to Wales with him to fish a lake his dad owns on a shooting/fishing estate. The lake is of course a trout lake but they want me to fish for the grass carp that are in there (which i've been told grow to several feet in length). Lucky sod some of you might - and i would have to agree but( and isn't there always one ) providing i keep any that i catch so that some murderous Welshman can come along and dispatch the beautiful creatures.( which i would find on par with King Herod cathching and murdering the baby Jesus ). So, shall i go and just release any fish that i catch, or shall i not go at all. Bearing in mind that if i dont catch these fish someone else will - and probably with a shotgun! Now is that a virgin post to be proud of or what.
    Rod xxx

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    Go, but arrange for somebody to collect the fish you catch before the 'murderous Welshman' comes along and claims them. Then put them in a water where they'll be appreciated.

    All with a Section 13 of course......

    Oh yes, not bad for a first post Rod.

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    Wendy Perry Guest


    I agree Rod with Graham but wow what a situation to be in i wouldn't have a clue what to do ..... But welcome from me to the best forum in the uk ) ( graham drop me the bottle of red later ;o)

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    Malcolm Bason Guest


    Hello Rod - welcome to fishingmagic.

    If the lake is owned by the dad of your mate, could you/he not state that you only go on the condition that any carp caught are released back into the water. It might just be an ideal opportunity to educate murderous Welshmen!! ;o)

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    Phil Hackett Guest


    Oops Graham! it section 30 mate!
    Which are somewhat hard to get for the stocking of grass carp now.
    The regs have been tightened up in the last 12 months.
    The Agency would need to see some of the fish to health check them as well I think?

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    Rod Goldsmith Guest


    Unfortunately, my mate said that they just want these fish out of the lake and returning them isn't an option. He also revealed that there are 16 grass carp which were put in there about eighteen years ago. I could transfer them illegally but would no doubt get caught, besides which Wales is a bloody long way to bring fish back from. I think i'll have to go along anyway - the chances of cathching one are probably very slim but they sound like they will be worth having a go for. (even if they are inadvertantly lost at the net).

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Stick thenm in the nearest river and we'll get more Welsh record chub...........

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    Sorry Phil, got my numbers mixed up, section 30 it is. It was a tongue-in-cheek reply really but just in case anyone doesn't know, a section 30 (very briefly) is the signed authority you need from the EA to move fish from one water to another.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Now Now we must be careful how we speak about Welsh folk. I have a good many friends who are Welsh and damn fine people they are too.

    Funny thing about the Welsh is that the conversation always seems to get around to rugby. I can never understand this because they can't play the game too well and often have to import the odd Springbok/Allblack to show them how it is done. LOL

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I worked there years ago. Used to get tens of thousands of them outside the office signing Sospan Fach every other Saturday.

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