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    Stuart Bullard Guest


    An interesting column Rik. I was wondering about your point with respect to fisheries overstating their waters. As I understand, anyone offering goods and services has an obligation to offer a fair description of their product, and these commercial and private waters (in fact any club I suspect) are no different. I am not sure how far you want to take it, but if you really do want to pursue the debate further, why not ask Trading Standards? Also, tell these forums and local shops about how bad they are. Shops are dependent on repeat business and I am sure they would be interested to know the true nature of local waters.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Problem is Stuart that these fishery owners know they are untouchable, i doubt if trading standards would take on a case like this,thats what is so frustrating about our sport it is only taken seriously by those of us who love it.
    One water local to me purported to hold an immense number of twenty pound carp, the owner reckoned he had picked then up on an echo sounder......strange that only about 10% of them were ever caught!!
    Think i'll go have a walk around Larford lake now, i fancy some fresh air ;o)

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    Carp Angler Guest


    while you're taking a walk Paul, you might want to try and walk around Bluebell in Northants (Angling Times sponsored) and Pallington Pastie lake in Dorset.

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    isnt Larford now two or three lakes, each holding huge numbers of 20's?

    rather walk 30 yards past it and get on the river

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    Incidentally Paul, following your e-mail earlier on Pike this w/end, I saw evidence of some good pike in the Severn at Larford couple of years ago , but never got round to going for em, you tried around that area?

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    David Whitmill Guest


    I agree with Carp Angler about Bluebells. I fished there with my mate Good Friday this year paying about 15 each for 24hrs which isn't cheap!

    The owner told us quite a few fish were coming out and we opted for the "easier" Bluebell lake. We just squeezed into virtually the only unoccupied swim.

    We blanked and we didn't see a fish caught, yet when the owner came round in the morning he told us a few fish had been caught overnight. We could see quite a few of the anglers from our peg but did't see any action or hear any buzzers all night - strange that!

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