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Thread: River Thames

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    Bob Car Guest


    Due to the adverse weather I am in the process of trying to plan next years holiday and top of the list is a boating holiday on either the River Thames or the Norfolk broads, so my question is as follows.
    Usually I fish for Carp and I would like to know what sort of tackle set up I would need for fishing either place, because I will have to try another form of fishing which is some thing that I have not done for about 25yrs, and I feel that my Carp Rods are going to be rather OTT for float fishing.
    Also has it been known if there are any Carp in the Thames because if there is I may just take the rods with me. Thankyou for any replies.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    There's loads of carp in the Thames, but most people keep it secret squirrel.

    A know of a 51 that has just come out, plus there's unsubstantiated rumours of a 60+ common that got dumped in there when it was illegally imported.
    Apart from that, there are loads of 20+ fish knocking about.

    There's good bream shoals too.

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    Bob Car Guest


    Thanks Rik
    Any particular part of the Thames or is it anywhere in general.
    Just out of interest would you go and get one of those all in one starter kits from Argos (free advertising) just to cover the holiday. Personally I wanted to go to France but the boss wouldnt have it.
    Have you been out since you got back if so any luck.

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    Wendy Perry Guest


    hiya Bob Wondered what had happened to you we've not heard from you in ages................. i got my kit from Argos and it's been ok ( i'm hoping after xmas i won't have it with all the pressies ) but it has been great up to now. Also bennets of sheffield do made up kits dunno what they are like )

    p.s look at the time forgot to turn clock back arghhhhhh

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    Carp Angler Guest


    most places that the boats congregate (marinas etc) attract the carp and the pike.

    I think that most tackle shops could offer you better individual kit than any starter pack and for probably less money.

    I've seen tip rods and float rods for under 20, reels to suit for 5.99 etc etc.

    It's not the best kit in the world, but it's certainly better than a solid 6' glass rod and pull apart reel.

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    Bob Car Guest


    Hi Wendy, Nice to see that you missed me I have been away for a couple of days buying a few cars for work as I had sold out and needed to get some more so as to earn the money to buy all the fishing gear that I need. I have read what you said with regards to the kit that you got from argos but then after reading what Rik had put it made me think that the person that he put me in touch with the other week may be able to help me.

    Hi Rik, As you can see I am going to have a chat with Richie and see what he can do for me.

    Anyway catch you both later thanks for the advice

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