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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    Sometime in your fishing career. Have you ever expierienced jealousy amongst fellow anglers for whatever reason?

    They say women are the worst for being jelouse and spitefull. But I sometimes wonder with some of the things I have known to happen.
    What are your expieriences?

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    Jealousy amongst fellow anglers?

    Nah mate, never heard of any of that in all my 40 odd years of pleasure, match, specimen and Carp angling.

    Mind you , I have heard tell that some of those there Barbel anglers can get a little covetous from time to time . . . . . . . . .

    but I don't believe it myself . . . .


    Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

    Patrick F. McManus

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    Me neither,but there are one or two that are really trying!

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    Budgie Burgess Guest


    Over the years many,many anglers have been jealous of me! Not my angling achievments or ability I would add but my highly toned body and devilish good Im sure Baz understands only to well.

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    Budgie Burgess Guest


    Fact if Im honest I have been jealous of other anglers!
    When in the Forces I would often be exercising on Salisbury Plain,there is a cracking bit of chalk stream (Avon?) that flows under an old Bailley Bridge that we would periodicly defend or attack or blow up or build another bridge next to!I used to be so jealous of the anglers I would see fly fishing along it while I was busting my ass carrying best part of 50lb the 10 miles from the drop zone to that poxy bridge!

    I remember one time parachuting in and noticing a guy fishing on a bit of the river I was so engrossed with watching him when he hooked a fish I forgot all about releasing my container (your bergan and weapon are attached together and hung from your belt/harness as you parachute and you release them on a length of line before you land so you dont kill your self!)
    Untill I nearly hit the ground!

    Another time was when I was driving a tipper truck for a living (DONT ever do it its mind numbing!) Had to pick up a load of shingle drive a mile down the beach at Seaford and dump it in front of a dozer then repeat the process for 12 hours a day.Often there would be anglers on the beach it was driving me mad I was that jealous of them!

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    The Monk Guest


    Jealous, never have been, I dont mind whos catching the fish as long as its me!

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