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    Bob Watson Guest



    Once again, well done Sean! A good article and a handsome fish to boot.

    A mate and myself are having a night at Cundall tonight where I'll be trying my heart out to "whip your ass" wish me luck!!

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    Geoff Cowen Guest


    Good luck Bob - there is defiantly a 12lb fish to be had and several other doubles at Cundell so you have a good chance. Two week into the season is about the time the fish start to come out, I wish I could join you maybe next time.

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    Sean Meeghan Guest


    Good luck Bob. Fished the Swale yeasreday and blanked. Never saw a fish move.

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    Bob Watson Guest


    Cheers Geoff, it'd be nice to meet up some time.

    Cheers Sean :-( you've filled me with confidence.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA-Life Member) Guest


    Well Done Sean,

    This is a seriously large barbel for the Swale.

    My biggest ever from the Swale went 9 1/2 lbs after many years of fishing the river on and off.

    You should enter it for the Drennan Cup.

    It should walk it.

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    Sean Meeghan Guest


    Thanks Ron. She was worth the wait. Not sure it would walk the Drennan. Whilst I'm sure its not deliberate, there will always be an element of biggest is best in any photo competition like that.

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    A captivating account Sean and a marvellous fish. Well done!

    'I'm a kind of paranoid in reverse: I suspect people of plotting to make me happy...' (J.D. Salinger, 1919-2010)

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    Sean Meeghan Guest


    How did you do at Cundal Bob?

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    Apr 2003
    Lydney, in the Forest of Dean


    I often say, how can guess a fishes weight if you have never seen a fish of that size before, but isn't it nice when it turns out bigger than you thought! That is a lovely fish for any river let alone a Yorkshire one, congratulations Sean.

    Had a similar experience on the Royalty on Friday when this Essex guy was telling me he was striving to catch his first barbel. A couple of hours later he had one. I said to him when he landed it that it was a double and he appeared sceptical, it weighed in at 11lb 10oz, hows that for a first barbel then eh?

    Nigel Connor put it back in for him because he had chest waders on and he said to me later that it felt hollow, probably after spawning, and it was certainly a big framed fish.

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    Bob Watson Guest


    Just got back, absolute sh*te at Cundall, we started friday, mid afternoon, nothing doing during the day and no surprises really, it was pretty low and clear but I was confident for the night. I had 1 Chub that would have struggled to reach the 2lb mark, it fell to glow in the dark fake corn, which I fished in desperation I might add. My mate and everybody else along the length blanked except for a couple of lads Piking.

    We upped sticks on saturday morning and went to a couple of pegs I know of nearby, it was a totally different story, we had Barbel, Chub and Bream steadily to 10mm halibut boilies fished over 4mm hali' pellet.

    Just a bit of background; we'd ran out of hemp after piling it at Cundall so went to Borobridge tackle shop to buy more and the gaffer told us we shouldn't have bothered with Cundall above the weir, he reckons there's been nowt doing since open day and thinks a spate flood recently saw all the fish end up on the other side of the weir at cundall lodge/farm (never was sure which was called which) if this is true or not I don't know but it would explain the lack of action.

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