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Thread: Rother Carp

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    john ledger Guest


    Good friend of mine and secretary of Catcliffe Angling Club Clive Nuttall has just rang me to say a river carp of nearly 20lb has been caught on the river.
    This is great news for this once polluted river and with chub to over 5lb barbel to 9lb roach to 2lb numerous dace up to 1lb and huge perch to 4lb.Clive and his pals have worked wonders on this river and all their hard work is bearing fruit,brilliant news.

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    Ian Cloke Guest


    Was it from the stretch Clive runs, John??

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    Aug 2005


    I went down to have a look at the catcliffe strech at the back end of last season John. I must admit I didnt realy like the look of the day ticket bit above the bridge, it looked a bit grotty and most of the stages were way too high off the water for my liking. Does it get better below the bridge on the members bit?

    Also,is it ok to park in the plough carpark?

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    john ledger Guest


    Sorry about the delay in replying,yes it was from Clives stretch
    Yes the members stretch is the best bit by far.
    Plenty of big carp on the Rother at Bow Bridge near the Hovis factory

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA-Life Member) Guest


    I have fished with Clive on a few occasions at Catcliffe.

    In the days just after WW2, my Grandad used to take me for walks in a pushchair around the Rother near Treeton and Catcliffe. This was before my Dad returned from the army. Some of the earliest recollections I have are of the awful smell of the Rother.

    Clive has done a first class job in making the banks of the Rother fishable too.

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    Les Clark Guest


    Ron in a pushchair ?
    The mind boggles .

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA-Life Member) Guest



    If the Rother has produced dace to a pound, is now the best dace river in England. Such fish are extremely rare. 1lb 4oz or thereabouts is the record!

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    john ledger Guest


    Believe the year was 1895 when Ron was in the pushchair.
    The members stretch at Catclffe is full of dace and some large ones.The Don at Kilnhurst had some crackers in a few years ago but they have been replaced by smaller ones.
    Bow Bridge holds some really big dace but the place is a tip and you would not feel safe fishing there

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    has bow bridge got bells on it?

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA-Life Member) Guest


    I have heared John that Canklow is to be bulldozed and all the lowlives to be buried under it.

    Within a year or two, we will be able to fish the Rother in peace, and that Canklow will cease to exist!

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