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    Mike Parker Guest


    Last night I read the above article by McMad (Course Fisherman)and have to say that it is the best article of its kind I have read. It will go down as one of the great anti, anti angling write ups. Is anyone else of the same opinion?
    More to the point after producing such a good article, Stu of the Dexter, said that McMad should buy his own Bloody cake!!! I think we should put pressure on Stu of the Dexter to eat humble pie and get said cake for McMad

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    Phil Hackett Guest


    Mike you beat me to it, I was going to post a similar thread.

    I agree with most of what Mad Mac says, other than the points he makes about joining the ACA and specialist anglers joining the NFA.

    I have in the past expressed my views on the ACA and why I'm no longer a member. In regards to NFA, organised specialist anglers who belong to a group do not need to join this body (unless they want to) as their own body, The Specialist Anglers Alliance SAA represent their interests at the highest level within this body.

    Final point on Mad Mac, I always assumed he was completely out of his tree and rarely read his demented ramblings. After this piece, I think I will have to reassess my views on him!

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    Davy North Guest


    After reading this he may have to be re-named Mac Sensible.

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