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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    Personally I think that fishing in general is going nowhere at the moment.

    I'll re-phrase that. I think that fishing in general is on the verge of going back to how it used to be.
    I feel that the day of the glory hunter or the big fish movement is over.
    Be honest. Don't you think that things on the fishing scene are a bit on the dull side?
    How exciting is it reading about Jack the lad catching the biggest barbel anymore. In the angling press all you get is the usual photo, weight, and brief description of where the Big fish was caught.

    On F.M. we get storrys of the stick float more often than we used to do. Blokes haveing a mouch about in the undergrowth looking out for shoals of roach, dace, or chub.
    I am seeing more of it every week now near enough. Even the pleasure side of angling seems to be getting more and more competative. Time to take a backward step don't you think?

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    More often than not. When I go fishing nowadays. The things on my mind are, the walk across the meadow, what wildlife is there about? Trying to imagine the sound of the river running over the rocks. Did my mate fall in or was he pushed? (o

    Running for the best peg is a mugs game.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    We're all getting old Baz. That's what it is.

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    Apr 2005


    You've been after tench too long Baz!

    What's that noise?

    That trickle that turns into a torrent of white water?

    It's a river!

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    Each to their own. And it must be an age thing!

    I've been a mad keen match angler, stalked big barbel and chub for weeks on end, rushed to get "that swim", but nowadays I can honestly say I get the biggest kick out just going fishing.

    I had a small net of good quality roach last week from my local river. Nothing over 12oz, but all pristine and caught on the stick/centrepin/flake combination. Only fished for a couple hours till dusk but loved every minute of it.

    For me, that's what it's all about now. Maybe I have taken a backward step to the good old days!!

    Mind you, the lake next to the river had about a dozen bivvies on it, probably all looking for the one 40lb+ that occassionally agrees to make someones day.

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    I tend to agree with you Baz, all we seem to read about now , is the biggest of everything even the fish that anglers go abroad to catch like 80lb carp now. Ok they go for them and they catch them ,best of luck to them. Super 300lb nets of carp from commercials. Just read the results of matches in the times even now that the rivers are open.It's carp weight this carp weight that,An awful lot in the 100lb plus bracket to win. I'm not going at the carp anglers it just happens to be the most sought after species at the moment. But nobody really can dispute that a good days fishing is the best, that sound of the river running .
    And maybe over the day having a nice assortment of fish in your net ,chub,dace,roach,perch plus the pesky minnows and the gudgeon.The fish you might expect to catch from a run of the mill river. Just floating it 'til it's pulled under and not knowing what it is.
    I was out of fishing for a few years due to ill health maybe 3-4years and when i came back the amount of emphasis on carp fishing predominately due to the commercials was stagggering.I spoke to the owner of a big tackle shop near myself and asked him where all the wagglers and stickfloats were. Sure he had them but nothing like they use to stock number wise. And he simply said that 95% of his business now on angling was for the carp. That is shocking really when you think of the number of species we have in our lakes and rivers. I mean most of us in our forties and upwards grew up on the rivers to start and a lot of anglers especially the matchmen understandably turned to commercials because the guarantee was virtually in stone that you will catch.

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    part 2:-
    Whereas the rivers as we all know couldn't give you that guarantee.So nowadays if and when some young lad starts his fishing he reads or sees that nearly everyone is fishing commercials or club waters dominated by carp.Nothing wrong with carp, but it's the overstocking of the fisheries .Would it be to easy for a youngster to soon get bored of fishing if everytime he went fishing at his club he was catching 30-50lb of fish, you bet your life he will.And he will simply stop fishing , No challenge. I would soon get peed off if everytime i went somewhere i bagged up. Where is the lad going to learn his watercraft? or is he going to bother to even think about such a thing. Can you honestly say that watercraft comes into it on some of the heavily stocked commercials for a beginner. Matchmen yes they do need to show that extra bit of knowledge to win matches especially if they can do it consistently. But to just catch ,i reckon any novice could go on some of these waters and get a half decent net.
    So its either going to be a case of there's going to be some horrible disease hit the commercials one day and practically wipe them out.
    Or the anglers that fish the matches are going to start to think , "Hang-on a minute why aren't i enjoying this anymore" and start to wonder to himself "I'm sitting here week after week with the same blokes catching the same fish,and we're all using the same bait in virtually the same type of swims" . "Wheres the thrill gone that i use to have of winkling a big chub out from under that tree in a match knowing that that could help me frame"
    Everything seems to go by size nowadays biggest is best attitude. Why cant people just take their kit and wander down the river enjoy the scenery catch a few fish of whatever species turns up and go home pleased that the day was relaxing ,they were out in the fresh air and everything is fine. Instead of fishing and feeding every 30 seconds .Where's the enjoyment in that i just cant see it. Sure a match is a match but people do this when pleasure fishing for gawds sake. I just reckon angling in general has got too commercial we must have this or that , and he's got that super sonar amplifying fish finding machine that gives you the weight of the fish swimming by. I want one a camouflaged one if possible in-case the fish climbs up on his mates back and spots it. The whole thing is going to come crashing down in the nest 4-5 years how i don't know but as quick as it built up it will fall down.Then the rivers will get back into the popularity they once had , and the lads coming into it can learn their watercraft. Because i would of said that nowadays commercials of one sort or another have the majority of anglers.I suppose the rivers have had a rest though.
    O.K.thats my two pennyworth. Perhaps i'm just getting old as well.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Whatever you do, wherever you go and whatever you fish for, you always come back to fishing rivers in the end.

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    Robert Woods 1 Guest


    I've noticed a change in my fishing or should say the ammount of tackle I don't take anymore. I've gone back to rivers the past three years and only take a small rucksac, no mountains of bait or loads of extra feeders.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    Don't get me wrong. There is lots of watercraft needed in any aspect of our sport. But the media just don't put it across that way. Especially with the big fish catches. Maybe they haven't got the space? So why not cut down on the number of big name anglers every week, and give them a chance to think for a change?

    If you want to read about fishing then come to a website like this one. If you want to read who caught the big one from Lake Fiddlemore. Then read the angling press but that is all you will get. Who caught it and what on. I'm afraid the angling papers don't do anything for angling or me anymore. In my opinion that is.

    When Chris Yates did his series of articles in the A.T. that was brilliant. And that is what we need more of. That is the kind of thing that will entice people into fishing. I don't want to read that the Traveller or Big Belly has been out again for the second time this month caught on a secret bait by Kelvin Smash. What is so flaming interesting or captivating about that? Month after month. Bluddie hell it's warm.

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