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Thread: Pollution

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    john ledger Guest


    I have been on the phone to both ACA and EA regarding the recent Don pollution.I received a phone call later from the press officer EA.
    This pollution has killed tens of thousands of fish(her words)I asked would it be more like a hundred thousand(my words.The sewerage is marking the trees and banks up to 2ft in places and the lower river is virtually wiped out.
    I asked the question
    Where are Green Peace Friends of the Earth the pathetic Green Party.
    Where are the RSPB and the other anti angling group PETA
    Last but not least where is the coverage from the media but there again its just another NORTHERN industrial river
    Four times the river has been polluted in the last twelve months and if its been reported four times i would add a nought to the four for how many other times it has not.
    Once againthe EA will learn lessons and once again it will happen again.
    I am lost for words at such apathy

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    I am begining to think that angling on rivers or canals will only be tollerated as long as it doesn't interfere with industry too much.

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    Tony Rocca Guest


    Baz is right,.......its all about money John.
    Accidents and deliberate Acts causing pollution will always happen but 4 times in a year is getting silly especially when you consider the massive investement that went in to cleaning the Don in the first place.

    I cant remember how mant millions it cost to stop the mine water from Bull House (I think it was called that) going into the Don but it will all be wasted if this ia allowed to carry on.

    I would expect the EA to be screaming from the roof tops after all the effort I know they put in to sort it in the first place.

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