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    Recently bought one of those tf gear 20seconds and up bivvies .Good as well , just a one man bivvy plenty of room good porch.The trouble is since i've unpacked it from first using it i've never managed to get it back in the bag it came in. Looks like trying to put a whale in a sardine tin!! Anybody got one and know the best way to pack it up small.?

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    I think most bivvies "might" suffer the same problem Rik.
    I got a Fishrite one recently off one of the lads.
    He is one of these blokes who is fussy and particular, but really looks after his his gear.

    Anyhow he was showing me how he packs his away. Make sure the doorway is zipped up. Each time he folds it over to pack it up, he smoothes the creases out and gets as much air out of the folds as possible. Also on each fold he makes it as square or obolong as possible before he makes the next fold. Otherwise you can end up with odd triangular shaped bits sticking out everywhere. Finally he will tie a piece of cord around it to compress it further if need be. With the Fishrite he uses the tension strap to tie it with.
    Alternatively can you buy a bag for a two man?

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    as Baz said, learn to fold it.

    as a guide to all tents. shut the doors and lay it out as flat as possable with the bottom edges touching. fold in any angled bits so you have a square shape. then you just need to fold it in half/thirds/quaters length wise untill its the width needed for the bag. place the poles and pegs at one end and roll it up. place in to the bag.

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    The tf bivvie is all connected though double skinned and the poles all stay on it . Its not an easy one to get folded you need 3 hands and a cool head . and i dont possess either!! lol
    praps i'll do as Baz says buy a big bag.

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    Rik, its easy to do after a couple of trys,
    but you'll never get it folded as small as when you got it new.

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    Just put wheels on it and leave it up --then when you pack up you can just wheel it home

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    Rik what size is it when erected, The bivvy I mean.
    can it be squized into a tight swim?

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    WELL i dunno about squized!!! lol
    My personal opinion for what its worth is no it can't be squeezed into a tight swim. I reckon you need at least 8-9feet square to erect it. But whether you can erect it then sqeeze it in is a different matter. Because once its up its up. You only have to peg it out.
    And as for you ED well what happens when a policewoman stops me and asks why my erection is in the road!!

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