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Thread: Thermal Boots

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    I'm on the lookout for a pair of boots for this winter before it gets too cold.
    I've seen a pair by Chub (All season field boots) & a pair by Wychwood (Lunker carp boots) both are 40.
    I was going to get the Chub version untill I saw the other pair which feature a removable liner.
    I want them for pikeing & river fishing so the length of both pairs of boots look good for wandering in.
    Can anyone help make up my mind.(Sorry Dave, I don't think they come in high heel versions, but a pretty ribbon tied round the ankle might be possible. < Grin > ) ;-}~

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    I've just bought a pair of Chub field boots, having compaired them to the Derri and Skeetex versions. I haven't seen the Wychwood boots though.

    I shall be using them for the first time tomorrow. I'll give you an opinion on my return.

    By the way Bennets have the Chub ones on special offer, which my local dealer matched, at only 36.

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Cheers Dave,
    I'll have to mention that when I decide to get a pair if it's the Chub ones that I get, do they have a liner? the write up I saw didn't say.

    Good luck tomorrow.

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    Martin Wright Guest


    I have a pair of the Derri field boots which are very comfortable and warm but the laces are awkward to do up.

    Also they look a bit dorkish - important when you're as good looking as me.

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    Mike Fidler Guest


    Scott, I bought a pair of the Wychwood jobbies yesterday. Because the chub boots don't go to size 12. I must say they were very warm last night on the banks of the Severn, kept my feet warm while I wrapped my sleeping bag around me. Longterm I don't know how long they will last but I suppose if I get two winters usage thats not bad is it?

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I hate you all.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Now now, yeti feet!

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Are they like the chub & skeetex ones (Haven't seen the Derri field boots Martin)with the (rubber?)waterproof shoe part and leather upper?

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    Wendy Perry Guest


    i've been looking for some as well but as i am a lady ) i have only got small feet size 5 and i can't get any so what do u suggest ??

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    Dave O'L Guest


    Do any come in 13 or does anyone know if the 12's are real 12's or these poncy high street Italian sized 12?
    High heels are optional Rodney as I find I sink into the bank in winter.
    I read CF last year or year before, when they though Derri boots were the ones to get if walking was needed?
    Mike I've heard that a jobbie can make a very efficient poultice, but as a piece of footwear.........????????

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