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Thread: 2 hooks

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    With sea fishing and fly fishing often 2 or more hooks are used , give this a go next time you coarse fish and you'll be surprised at the number of extra bites you get.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    It isn't something I've ever fancied doing Paul. Even though my club allows it.
    I have known matches to be won with this method on one particular Dam (Carr Mill) where everything else failed.

    I'm happy enough catching one or two fish an hour depending on species of course. Anymore and I would consider it hard work rather than pleasure.

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    Does the flying hook not damage a hooked fish?

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    Not to clever if you hook two fish at once either. At least with sea fish and Game fish they are usually taken for the table so mouth damage is not a problem. I have seen some seriously nasty looking mouth damage at alot of commercials but imagine the damage causedx if two 4lb+ Carp were playing tug o war.

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    Oh b*ll*cks Ive just realised I have just been one of your extra bites

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    Nice one Jos'

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA-Life Member) Guest


    The only time I ever use more than one hook is when I am fly fishing for trout. And I only use more than one hook in open weedfree water.

    I know that using two hooks is common amongst still water roach fishers who use the feeder bolt rig set up.

    But I don't like it.

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    nick hodgkinson Guest


    there's a rather nasty two hook carp rig being used in some circles - sadly its legal unless particular waters say single hook only

    and i'm not going to describe it!!

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    Wag Guest


    It used to be a common method in the late sixties and early seventies when I was starting out, particularly as Ron says for roach. My older brother had several big nets of roach with a double hook paternoster setup. From what I remember though, double hookups were unusual.

    Although it's something I often think of trying, I must admit I've not used a double hook method in the last 20 years. Might have to give it another go......

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    stephen cotton Guest


    I've used it when targeting Tench and Bream in the past on slow waters. It enables you to experiment with different hook baits and hook lengths etc and does increase the number of fish hooked. By placing the hooks a good distance apart you will avoid any problems with foul hooking. But its madness to use such rigs in weedy and snaggy waters and when fishing for carp. - for obvious reasons I think.

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