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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    I thought it might be a good idea if we could list a range of meals for the single angler.

    All meals to be cooked on a single burner (coleman).

    From the ordinary to the slightly more unusual.

    Partly prepared at home?

    Prepared fully on the bank.

    Plus any other tips.

    Please give your recipe AND cooking instructions.

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    Master chef Bazzzzzzil Rou,

    Here is my contribution regarding a menu plan for the single angler.

    In these days of healthy eating, this wholesome meal can act to “purge” the body in the form of HUGE quantities of methane gas and the expelation of the stomach contents under huge pressure within 30 minutes of finishing.

    Stewed offal served on a bed of cous cous with a raspberry coulisse sauce sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.

    For a sweet, “snicker bar fritters” served with cold onion gravy and mushy peas.

    To drink with the meal I suggest…
    A lot of lager!

    A large white bucket for the “aftermath.”

    To cook, get “slaughtered” first, then light your stove, put on your “Ken Hom Wok”, (not one of those plastic ground bait bowls given away as a “freebie” by anglers mail, as it may catch fire, and this can be dangerous!).
    A tip……..
    I always find bank sticks make excellent tools for stirring the lovely food in the wok lads!


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    Zi-Zu Guest


    For that quicky when I haven't got guests round can't beat;
    1 tin of good quality stewing steak(M@S)
    1 tin marrow fat peas
    1 tin of new potato's
    Potato's in pan first til warm,then add stewing steak,when that is warmed through add tin of peas.
    Pour into large bowl and add copious amounts of black pepper and Hendersons relish, afeast fit for a king and very little in the way of washing up.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    Oddly enough Chris that is what I was going to put for my first recipe. Only useing instant mash instead. New potatoes sounds better though.
    I would rate that very highly.

    Any more lads?

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    On the road to rack & ruin !!!


    heres one.....boil a pan of pasta shells or twists.once that is done,add a tin of sweetcorn and bring back to the boil.drain off the water when that is done and then add a tin of tuna,i prefer tuna in olive oil but i suppose you could use tuna in a spicy tomato type sauce with herbs etc....a lot of supermarkets stock tins of tuna in different sauces etc....
    once this is all mixed in,either empty onto a plate or eat from the saucepan...bloody handsome!!!

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    Nice one Nick.

    Come on Deanos, throw us one of your Aunty fat Sandras recipes.(-;

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    paul williams 2 Guest


    I keep hearing about this Hendersons relish to try it!

    My simple one burner special.....

    One sachet of Tilda meditareanean rice.....cooks in about 3 mins......tip in a tin of sild in tomatoe sauce (not big sardines, they are all scales) and heat a couple of more mins and eat!

    I have always got this in the truck as a tasty easy to keep meal for emergencies......even in this heat they kep fresh and taste great.

    Cheap German white with a good splash of casiss does the trick to drink with it!

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    Zi-Zu Guest


    DB does a very respectable chilli con carne with rice and toasted nan,scrummy,come on where are you?

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    A big pan of home made chips and bread and butter ...

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    Bob Watson Guest


    My no.1 on the bank is as Chris' above but with a small tin of carrots added. Other bankside favoututes are the new dolmio pastas with bol' sauces or a tin of tommy soup with pasta shells in.

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