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    went fishing last friday and caught a carp 9lb 4oz,took me 25 mins to land it,what a buzz i got from it.i just wounder what its like when you land a very big carp,still trying to get my first double.i watched fish o mania on sky,and was very surprized to see the fish been bulled in to there nets,is that not crual to the fish,iv only been fishing for 3 years,i was always told to be kind to i right or wrong

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    one more thing how do day keep the fish in there peg all day

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    little sister ( Jeff ) Guest


    Tony 25 mins seems a very long time to be playing a fish, I dont think you should yank them in but thats a lot of stress to put a fish under.
    Were you on very light tackle ?

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    on the poll 20electis 8lb line hook stright through 16 hoke

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    little sister ( Jeff ) Guest


    Not into pole fishing so I can't coment on that side of it.
    But I have caught some fairly large fish, both lake and river. I try to bring them in quite quickly as some seen to suffer the longer you play them.

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    i was always told not to bully your fish as that can harm the fishes mouth by pulling the hook out,and takeing a lump out of its mouth,or some one tell me how to get it in quickley and safeley

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    little sister ( Jeff ) Guest


    I not having a pop tony, I am fairly new back to fishing myself.
    I recently caught a 19lb mirror that didn't fight as well as a single figure fish, some times the smaller ones seem to have more get up and go.
    Maybe someone who knows about pole fishing might want to coment.
    Baz, Baz knows everything let him put us straight.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    Yep I'm your man okay. I know all.
    I don't fish or agree with big Carp fishing on the pole.
    It's a debatable point on how long to play a Carp for. If they are really fighting then I would say play them for a while.

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    I agree with "little sister" (I'm also recently into pole fishing for carp).

    I've now had two carp of 20lb and 21lb on the pole (14 Elastic, 8lb to 10 hook), both from a well known commercial, they both gave me less trouble than fish of 8lb to 12lb!

    When I first started to catch decent sized carp I definately had too much elastic rigged on the pole. I just couldn't get them close to the net and therefore was not happy at the length of time it took. I've experimented and now fish a much tighter elastic.

    I also now have more knowledge and therefore confidence in what my pole can do and how much pressure I can use on a fish.

    I would strongly recommend you find someone, your local tackle shop(?), to guide you through the elastic setup.

    Too loose and too tight are both bad!

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