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Thread: Old Tackle

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    I work for a Recycling Project in Warwickshire and we have a few items that I want to sell in our shop but have no idea about their history or value.

    We have a J.W Young's Condex fly reel 3 & 1/2" (boxed),

    an Arjon (Swedish) split cane 'Tannas' (or possibly Tammas) rod, approx 9ft in original case.

    and a three piece 12' 'solid' bamboo (not split cane) float rod with no maker's mark, once again in its original case.

    As a keen fisherman I would love to hear a bit about their history too? Young's I have heard of anecdotally (I used to live in nearby Bromsgrove) but the rest has me clueless and the internet is not much help.

    In case I need to say it, I am a long-time poster on this site, and will not receive a penny of the proceeds.

    Ron? Graham et al?

    'I'm a kind of paranoid in reverse: I suspect people of plotting to make me happy...' (J.D. Salinger, 1919-2010)

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    Condex Reels

    (prices are in US dollars)

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    Condexes aren't rare; it might be worth watching a few go through ebay. As a guide, I bought one for £18 three or four years ago in good used condition at an antiques fair (not much chance of a bargain there, but seemed a fair price).
    I've seen Arjons come up on ebay ,but haven't followed them, I'm afraid. I got the impression they were quite respectable, and might be worth ebaying( p&p on rods is so high that it depresses prices on all but the top name rods).
    Any more clues on the bamboo one? What's the tip made of? What pattern are the rings? What are the handle and reel fittings like? And the ferrules? A lot of rods had lancewood or greenheart top sections (lancewood is yellowish, greenheart is a reddish mahogany brown) but some used some kind of bamboo(big knots - dead giveaway). The worst used hickory or ash; at 12' that would have been crippling! I guess you'd have spotted a built cane tip a mile off, but check, just in case there's one hiding under the varnish!
    12' suggests a serious rod for its time - most of the cheapo's were 10'6", keeping the weight down beyond that was difficult.
    Sadly, that still won't make it worth much - once again, take a look at ebay (just search for "cane rod" in "fishing" and you'll get an idea.
    If it's a ferruleless spanish reed rod (same type of cane all the way along, reel held on by two narrow rings, usually directly onto the cane, female joints formed from the reed's natural bore and whipped for about 4" to reinforce the joint) then it might be quite a serious old match rod, but you'd need to ensure the reed wasn't cracked along those female joints. Fun to use once or twice a year, but little cash value, I'm afraid, without a maker's name.
    If you do go down the ebay route at all, most of the vintage tackle auctions are timed to end on weekend evenings!
    Sorry to be a bit of a Jeremiah, and I hope I'm proved wrong!

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    Ed and Alan,

    Thanks very much for the help


    I'm on holiday til next Wednesday, so I'll investigate the float rod with no makers mark further and report back.

    If anyone else can shed light on the Arjon I would be grateful.

    As I mentioned before I'm away for a week now so please don't think me rude if i don't reply before then :-)

    Once again many thanks.

    'I'm a kind of paranoid in reverse: I suspect people of plotting to make me happy...' (J.D. Salinger, 1919-2010)

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    The rod is probably called "Tännäs" which is a skiing and fishing area in West Central Sweden. There is a large lake there but the area is mainly a ski centre.

    The rod is probably a spinning rod (as that is about all they do there) but thats a guess as I cannot see the rod.

    Its a pity that you don't have an Arjon spinning reel as these do fetch quite a decent price, particularly in the USA, around $400 easily.

    The Condex reel is a bit easier - made from about the late 50's Young's came out with: Condex, Pridex, Speedex, Landex(? not sure about that one) and Beaudex Reels.
    all pretty much of a much-ness but the last 3 noted had adjustable drags, I think.
    Condex's are sold on e-bay a lot and usually go for around £30 if in v.g.c.

    The 12 foot rod is intreguing though, any chance of seeing a picture?

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    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

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