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    Ian Cloke Guest


    03 August 2006
    A 12-year-old Landkey boy hauled in a 6ft-long shark during a fishing trip off the Cornish coast. Jac Roberts spent a day on the Jo-Dan fishing boat near Looe with his dad, Jim.

    At about 3pm, after six hours at sea, Jac was the first crew member to get a bite. It was a member of the fast-swimming and nomadic Blue Shark species.

    They have triangular, serrated teeth and large eyes, and tend to live in deep water in tropical, subtropical or temperate seas.

    They are described by naturalists as voracious predators which can travel hundreds of miles in a year. The sharks often gather in large groups and are considered to be one of the fastest fish.

    According to Jim, his son was extremely excited about bringing the shark on board but did not want to go near it when it was on deck.

    The shark was returned to the sea.

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    blue sharks are a common summer visitor and have been for a long time.
    they are one of the 3 shark species found in british waters the other being the thresher and porbeagle.

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